Lorenzo Piolini: from world travel to the Transanatolia Rally

The great adventure of Lorenzo Piolini continues, the Milanese centaur half pilot half pirate. From world travels to the Transanatolia Rally.

lorenzio piolini caravanserai tuareg rallye
Lorenzio Piolini at the Tuareg Rallye

The great adventure of Lorenzo Piolini, half rider half pirate, continues. From great travels around the world to the challenges of African deserts.


It seems that the only place of peace for Lorenzo is the Caravanserai, a place dedicated to travelers and motorcyclists where they can freely share passions, stories and emotions. But it is probably there that he draws inspiration for his adventures, the result of his innate passion for two wheels and adventure.

At the age of 20, he began a solo journey to discover Cambodia and Vietnam, followed by Nepal and India with the crossing of the chain dell 'Himalayas riding one Royal Enfield purchased locally. The adventure continues with Project 80, around the world in 80 days through 21 states, from East to West, inspired by the adventure novel by Jules Vernes. Lorenzo then decides, after graduation, to devote himself to a "master on the road" venturing alone, for a year, to discover the Americas, Panamerican Dream, 70.000 km from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska.

From passion to overwhelming love, the step is short: the Dakar Rally, a competition "not for everyone", often destined to remain just a dream. Not for Lorenzo, capable of bypassing every obstacle and participating "as an abusive", the only case in the world, in the 2015 edition between Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. The die is cast, and a fiery relationship with the racing world begins.

“The world of racing represents for me the direct consequence of a unique and personal path, which has nothing to do with it seeing with the mere aspiration of "beating someone". The experiences and challenges that have been the adrenaline of what I have been lucky enough to live up to now are, for me, a logical landing in this world. "

Since 2016, with participation in the Gibraltar Race comes to crown the first dream: the Tuareg Rally, taking first place with his KTM 450. After two years of training, finally it was time to put everything on the line. After a while he is already first in the standings. Missing a lot at the end of the rally, but he does not give up the gas even for a second, until the last stages, when by now everyone is considered the winner. In the last stage, full of dunes, he starts with about two hours ahead of the second, but there motorcycle he breaks and limps, his heart is shattered. At 6 km from the finish, after 1500 km of struggle in the desert, the bike leaves him for good. Eventually he gives up and calls technical assistance and manages to finish the race, winning the Tuareg Rallye 2019 thanks to the advantage accumulated in the last few days, despite the penalty for the delay of the last stage.


From the 24 31 August a new exciting personal challenge awaits Lorenzo Piolini, riding his KTM 450 EXC. His first rally on Turkish soil will start from Abant Lake, west of the Black Sea, to reach Göbekli Tepe south-east of Anatolia, crossing natural and traditional landscapes and sceneries.

These are the most intense days, including preparations, diets, intense training with another great champion of the great Raids, Oscar Chickens. It will be a different adventure, new and full of pitfalls. But we are confident that his determination as a pilot and his courage as a pirate will make a real difference.

So come on Lorenzo! To find out how this other great challenge will go, you can follow him on his official Facebook channels @CaravanserraglioMoto and Instagram @caravanserraglio_moto, and among our News.

Ph. Credits (Lorenzo Piolini - Stefania Galli Communication)