Live Out - Off-road and enduro calendar 2022

Tours, rental and off-road enduro driving courses. Here is the calendar of Live Out 2022 events and tours in Italy and abroad.

Oltrepò Pavese Enduro
Oltrepò Pavese Enduro - Live Out

The motorcycle season is approaching and Pietro Tupputi of Live Out is already ready to take you off-road in complete safety, even with his rental enduro bikes.

Lots of activities in Italy and abroad, in truly scenic locations that are even more beautiful and easier when you get there with a 99kg motorcycle. With the Beta 300 available for hire, you just need to arrive at your destination with your own car and enjoy the ride. Guaranteed fun.

There is no shortage of hotels and restaurants for multi-day activities, such as the wonderful ones Hello Pais hut, from which we start directly with the pieces to discover the Val Susa by off-road vehicle.

val susa motorcycle enduro maxi offroad sommelier colle col
Val Susa by motorbike: ascent to the Sommelier

Calendar Italy 2022

To host us the off road park of Monte Capuccio a splendid base where we can find every type of path; Strade Bianche, rock, mud pits, fords, climbs and descents of all kinds… let's say everything you need to have fun in peace in an almost completely private area. At the end an excellent lunch with home cooking.

Nothing better than a course for learn the basics and technique for safe driving. The course will take place on natural terrain, therefore with climbs, descents, natural obstacles on various types of terrain. The courses will have a maximum of 4 participants so that everyone is followed in the best possible way, during the week they can also be individual.

  • From 29 April to 6 May 2022 (easy to medium level)

SARDINIA SULCIS ENDURO (easy and medium level)
The splendid and green Sardinia, the place of our tour will be the Sulcis Iglesiente area. The routes will develop from the inside with points towards the incredible beaches. There will be stops in the numerous mines that characterize this part of the Sardinian territory. Last but certainly not least, the appointments with the excellent Sardinian cuisine.

  • 12-15 May 2022 Complete
  • 15-18 May 2022 Confirmed
  • 18-19 May 2022 Complete
Off-road enduro routes from Piacenza Pavese beyond enduro
Olrepo in enduro

OLTREPO 'PAVESE ENDURO (easy to medium level)
Unexpected landscapes and places that recall the Toscana, we will walk the paths that wind through the fantastic hills, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of driving off-road in a unique context. Based in a beautiful farmhouse with swimming pool.

  • From 28 May to 5 June 2022

TUSCANY APENNINES ENDURO (medium / challenging level)
Based in a nice farmhouse on top of a hill. Flowing routes with decidedly technical sections that, in case of rain, become challenging. Great satisfaction in driving for those who are already a little familiar with Enduro. Cuisine that gives great satisfaction.

  • June 10, 2022 Complete
val susa motorcycle enduro maxi offroad sommelier colle col
The military roads of Val Susa

The splendid military roads of the great war, mixed routes through dense woods and stretches of coast that exceed 2000 meters in height, we will cross green valleys dotted with the remains of military fortifications. The route winds through the Liguria, Piedmont and the France. Defined by many as one of the most beautiful dirt roads in the world.

  • June 18-19, 2022 Complete
  • June 25-26, 2022 Complete
  • June 29-30, 2022 Complete
  • 2-3 July 2022 Confirmed
  • 6-7 July 2022 Confirmed
  • 9-10 July 2022 Confirmed

VAL SUSA ENDURO (easy level)
Spectacular routes at over 2000 meters above sea level, starting from Sauze d'Oulx. We will climb up to Fort Jafferau, crossing the mythical gallery of the Saracens. We will tackle the climb up to the Sommellier glacier via the highest passable road in Europe. We will travel along the legendary road of Assietta.

  • 16-17 July 2022 Complete
  • 20-21 July 2022 Confirmed
  • 23-24 July 2022 Complete
  • 27-28 July 2022 Confirmed
  • 30-31 July 2022 Confirmed

Foreign Calendar 2022

driving desert course live out enduro sand dunes
Tunisia - Live Out

TUNISIA ENDURO TRAINING (medium / easy level)
A trip / course dedicated to the acquisition of the driving technique in the Desert, off road routes that include the various typical aspects of the Tunisian Sahara; sliding tracks, sandy stretches, passages of dunes… all adapted to a first approach to driving in the desert. You will sleep in excellent hotels and tented camps in the Desert.

  • March 13-20, 2022 Registration is open
  • March 20-27, 2022 Registration is open

TUNISIA AIN OUADETTE ENDURO (medium / challenging level)
Journey to the remote lake of Ain Ouadette. There are consecutive days of dunes and a fair amount is required off road driving experience. The experience of the fields in the Desert is exciting and waking up in the morning in an ever-changing point of the immense Grand Erg is something unforgettable!

  • March 6-13, 2022 Registration is open
  • 27 March -3 April 2022 Registration is open
driving desert course live out enduro sand dunes
Tunisia - Live Out

BALKANS ON THE ROAD Travel for motorcycle road
A motorcycle trip on the trail of recent history. We will cross 5 states visiting 4 capitals, we will travel along beautiful roads almost always away from the traffic of the coast. We will pass by spectacular parks such as Plitvice and Una Park We will see some goodies, the Mercury mine of Idrija, the hospital of the resistance hidden in a canyon. Stop in Ljubljana and Zagreb. We will visit Sarajevo and Mostar, two cities that symbolize the war in the Balkans. We will visit Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Mediterranean. There will be a stop in Montenegro with its capital Podgorica. A complete journey and all on the road, No ferry and no flight to take. Quiet pace and a few kilometers to travel on paved roads full of pleasant curves, I arrive in the capitals in time to make a visit on foot and have dinner.

  • 6-15 August 2022 Registration is open

SPAIN BERGUEDA ENDURO (Medium-easy Enduro trip)
A relaxing off-road trip. Very spectacular routes similar to our Via del Sale. Fixed base in a hotel in a very isolated area at the base of the Spanish Pyrenees and daisy routes with return in the evening for a nice shower and dinner all together. Possibility of arriving by flight over Barcelona and transfer of about an hour to the hotel.

  • 20-24 August 2022 Registration is open

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