Lake Garda and the Lugana territories by motorbike

Motorcycle ride in the south of Lake Garda to discover the lands of Lugana wine among historic villages, good food and postcard views.

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Sirmione - Lake Garda - Ph. Shutterstock

Itinerary by motorbike (or by bike) in the area that develops south of Lake Garda, among the vineyards known for the production of Lugana wine.

Advice and information for a day or a weekend on a motorcycle, between sightseeing and food and wine, along a route that starts from the hinterland of Borghetto towards Desenzano del Garda, and passes through Pozzolengo and Sirmione.

Lake Garda offers countless ideas to create itineraries, today we dedicated ourselves to the good Lugana wine and some cities of historical and tourist interest in the south of Garda.

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  1. Lugana wine
  2. Peschiera del Garda
  3. Borghetto
  4. Castellaro Lagusello
  5. pozzolengo
  6. Sirmione
  7. Desenzano del Garda
  8. Salò
  9. Map and Itinerary

Today we bring ours motorcycle in the secondary roads that wind through the vineyards and the hinterland of the lake Garda, streets less traveled by tourists but much appreciated by those looking for good food and excellent wine such as Lugana.

Lugana wine

This white wine is characterized by its elegance and longevity. Of Roman origin, it obtained certification in the 700th century. Lugana owes its unique character to the microclimate of Lake Garda and the clayey soil in which its vines grow.

Peschiera del Garda

Let's start with Milano and after about 130 km of the A4 motorway we take the a Peschiera del Gardawhere ours will begin itinerario. But first we stretch our legs by visiting the city on foot, which offers us fortifications, bridges, battlements, prisons and ports.

Having visited the city, we take the motorbikes back and via the SP19 first and the SP28 then we follow the course of the Mincio for about 15 km up to Valeggio to pass over bridge Visconti which is actually a fortified dam made by Galeazzo Visconti in 1393.


The fortified dam was part of a fortified complex under whose walls we find the village of Borghetto, known for being included in the 100 list villages most beautiful in Italy, thanks to its mills, locks and canals.

Castellaro Lagusello

After the usual photos we head to the second stage, pozzolengo driving along provincial roads 3 and 15 and then taking the SP19 for about 15 km. From here we fully enter the land of Lugana. From Monzambano we climb towards the walled village of Castellaro Lagusello, orange flag of the TCI. We stop on its hill to admire the small heart-shaped lake and then take the SP18 up to pozzolengo.


Once in Pozzolengo we park the motorbikes and go to discover its gastronomic specialities: lo saffron and moreinco salami, obtained by working the noble parts of pigs raised on the morainic hills bordering the Lugana Doc area. We get back on the motorbikes to get lost in the narrow streets between the rolling hills, vineyards, cellars where you can stop and taste a good glass of wine, it's really worth it. We then take the SP106 for about 15 km up to farmhouse from where we will aim for the next stop: Sirmione.


The village of Roman origin welcomes us with its innumerable testimonies of the passing of the history of northern Italy and its breathtaking views on the east and west sides of Lake Garda.

Desenzano del Garda

We leave and go back towards the hills and as a point of reference we choose the Tower monumental di San Martino della Battaglia. Worth a visit is its small museum and the ossuary which reminds us of the victory of the Piedmontese over the Austrians on 24 June 1859.

The area is full of farmhouses and we choose one to refresh ourselves with zero kilometer products and superb quality before heading south via the SP11 to Lonato sul Garda where we stop to visit the rock. The Desenzano del Garda we park the motorbikes to take a walk around its historic center and visit the Old Port. The area is famous for both wine and olive oil, a bruschetta with a good glass of wine overlooking the lake could not miss!


We leave the busy roads of the Gardesana and climb towards the western hills to ride the pleasant roads that reserve us pleasant surprises such as the villages of Meatballs, Puegnago and lakes of Sovenigo. There is no shortage of panoramic terraces and cellars. Returning to the shores of the lake we arrive at Salò, which with its famous churches and monuments is the final stage of our itinerary.


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