The most beautiful lakes and waterfalls of Val D'Aosta

Lakes, waterfalls and enchanting landscapes to discover by motorbike, on foot or by bike.

Val D'Aosta by motorbike bike path itinerary Lake and Place Moulin dam
Place Moulin lake and dam - Ph. Canva

A motorbike itinerary to discover the most beautiful and evocative waterfalls and lakes among the peaks of the Val D'Aosta, right below the Matterhorn.

Not only alpine passes, hairpin bends and curves. The Alps and Val D'Aosta offer fairytale scenarios and moments of pure relaxation between mountain lakes and regenerating waterfalls, especially in summer.

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  1. Gabiet lake
  2. Isollaz waterfall
  3. Blue Lake
  4. Lake of PLace-Moulin
  5. Lillaz waterfalls
  6. Checrouit Lake
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Gabiet lake

Our tour of the Val D'Aosta by motorbike it starts from the Gabiet lake (2371 m asl). The stretch of water is located in a basin with a wonderful view of the four main peaks of Monte Rosa: Breithorn, Castore, Polluce and Lyskamm.

Lake Gabiet Val D'Aosta by motorbike bike route itinerary
Gabiet Lake - Ph. Maurizio Broglio

You can get to the lake both with the ski lifts and with different walking routes from the various hamlets of Gressoney-La-Trinité.

If you opt for the Staffal-Gabiet cable car, the lake will be only about 15 minutes from the arrival of the lift (via a comfortable and easy path).
If you choose the Punta Jolanda chairlift, which starts from the upper Edelboden locality, following the path with the signpost n ° 5 or 5B you will reach the lake in about 60 minutes.

Isollaz waterfall

Val D'Aosta by motorbike bike route itinerary Isollaz waterfall
Isollaz Waterfall - Ph. Enrico Romanzi

The Isollaz waterfall is one of the most beautiful and impressive in the Aosta Valley. It is fed by the Evançon stream which flows narrow between the rock walls and forms a suggestive waterfall of almost fifty meters.

The walk to the waterfall takes about 20 minutes. It is advisable to park in Isollaz, a very nice village to visit. Left the motorcycle, walk on the municipal road that from Isollaz goes towards the SR 45, to find after 5 minutes the indication "Cascata di Isollaz" on the left. Beware of the path which could easily be slippery at the steepest points.

Blue Lake

Val D'Aosta by motorbike bike path itinerary Cervino Matterhorn
Lago Blu - Cervino Matterhorn - Ph. Canva

The small lake on the Valtournenche regional road can be reached by motorbike and, on clearer days, reflects the imposing Monte Cervino. It is not the most evocative, but the reflections of the Matterhorn make it truly spectacular to photograph. Remember to remove the polarized filter from your room. It is always very clear and from here you can also visit the Layet lakes, three pools of water of different colors.

Lake of PLace-Moulin

This artificial lake is most famous for its intense color and the natural landscape that surrounds it. In the summer months and in autunno, the colored reflections of nature make it a real work of art.

Val D'Aosta by motorbike bike path itinerary Lake and Place Moulin dam
Place Moulin Lake - Ph. Alexis Courthoud

Place Moulin is also the highest arch dam in Europe and can be reached by taking the regional road that leads along the Valpelline to Bionaz. From here, take the road on the left to the Place Moulin dam. Follow the main road until you reach the wall where there are some parking lots.

If you want to walk, leave everything on your motorbike and enjoy the walk on the dirt road that runs along the entire lake for about 4 km until you reach the Prarayer refuge.

Lillaz waterfalls

Val D'Aosta by motorbike bike route itinerary Waterfalls of Lillaz
Lillaz waterfalls - Ph. Canva

A stop not to be missed. On foot, up to the first waterfall, it is less than 2km with only 100m in altitude. Already here the views are truly enchanting.

Here the Urtier stream has carved deep furrows between the sheer rocks, generating these beautiful waterfalls. pay attention to the path, sometimes slippery uphill, while the descent is easier on the road closed to traffic.

Park your motorbike in the hamlet of Lillaz, pass the Urtier stream and follow the signs for the waterfalls, keeping the stream on your left.
You go up among splendid groups of larches, and as you go up you meet the first two jumps of the falls. Obviously the effort will pay off more at the top! So arm yourself with water and willpower until the third jump, the most beautiful of all at an altitude of about 1745 meters. The descent is much simpler and less tiring.

Checrouit Lake

Val D'Aosta by motorbike bike path itinerary Lake Checrouit
Checrouit Lake - Ph. Gabriele Prato

An easy excursion that starts from the Courmayeur ski lifts. Reach the Maison Vieille refuge and from here follow the Tour du Mont-Blanc and Alta Via 2 route.

Lake Chécrouit is a magnificent viewpoint located at an altitude of 2.000 meters and dominates the whole chain of Mont Blanc and the Val Vény. Furthermore, in the waters of the lake, on the clearest days, the imposing peaks of Mont Blanc are reflected.


Do not forget also the beautiful ones castles of the Aosta Valley, to visit between a waterfall and a lake. For more information on the region, activities and much more you can visit the official website of Tourism in the Aosta Valley.

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