Your back safe with Forcefield

Forcefield: the most advanced and avant-garde motorcycle protectors and back protectors that indulge your body and will accompany you for many hours of travel.

forcefield freelite back protectors ber racing store

The British company Forcefield Body Armor specializes in impact protection systems and high performance clothing.

The brand has been constantly engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge products, innovative and classy. Winning countless awards and reviews, the brand continues to grow in many industries and sports, not just motorsport.

Forcefield's research, in particular on the materials used and created ad hoc form the basis of one unrivaled protection. Forcefield combines these materials with innovative laying and cutting systems and you get overall thinner profiles, while offering tremendous protection. The materials that move, shape, flow and shape on the wearer are the key to comfort that is felt even after many hours of driving.

Forcefield Pro Sub4K

forcefield prosub4 back protectors ber racing storeSuccessor to PRO SUB 4, already the first in the world to pass the CE2 homologation test below 4kN (where the homologation test requires an average impact of less than 9kN), the PRO SUB 4K maintains its world record thanks also to DRI -M Technology (Dynamikc, Reactive, Intelligent Materials) integrated, obtaining the incredible result of 3.38kN.
It adapts to the body making you forget you are wearing it, highly breathable thanks to the mesh structure of which it is composed that allows the maintenance of the correct body temperature.
The multilayer that composes it is now integrated with Kevlar, a solution to offer greater protection and resistance and is housed in a casing that allows it to be removed for thorough washing.
Designed to be comfortable and long-lasting PRO SUB 4K can be used on the road, for touring, on the track and off-road.

Forcefield FreeLite (pictured above)

The FreeLite back protector carries the ride comfort to the next level. While exceeding the CE level 2 approval, thanks to the Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) and its particular design, the new FreeLite back protector offers even more breathability and flexibility while containing the weight.
Using the latest cutting techniques and thanks to the intelligent design, the "free fitting" armor adapts perfectly to the body, offering enormous flexibility and no limitations when moving on the motorcycle. The adjustable waistband and elastic shoulder straps keep the FreeLite always in place. It is available from size S to XL at a list price: € 119,00

Forcefield products are distributed and sold in Italy from Ber Racing and available for purchase at the following link Ber Store.

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