Kedra-T: the technical motorcycle underwear that makes the difference

Technical motorcycle underwear, the first and most important layer in contact with the skin: let's see 3 key items from Kedra-T for travel and adventures in comfort.

kedra-t technical underwear motorcycle best bike outdoor jersey
Dryarn by Kedra-T polypropylene techno knit

Kedra-T is the all-Italian company that in just a few years has become one of the reference points for clothing accessories and technical underwear for motorcycling and outdoor activities.

The main features of Kedra-T garments, rigorously Made in Italy, are to be found in the constant commitment to research, innovation and artisan origins.

Precisely this evolution, from a family-run company to a national and European reality, is the true guarantee of quality, both in the packaging processes and in the choice of the best performing materials.

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  1. Tecno Mesh in Polypropylene Dryarn
  2. Mini Maxi balaclava
  3. Nape balaclava
  4. Interview with the General Manager

We are not MotoGP riders, but the needs that unite us are the same: heat management under the technical heads, protect yourself from the cold in the winter months, have i correct materials in contact with our skin. Wearing the right clothing for temperature management and experiencing a feeling of well-being when traveling are synonymous not only with comfort but also with safety. For this reason we have decided to introduce you some of the products that best represent the production of Kedra-T and that we use the most in motorcycle, not only in travel but also in daily commute.

Tecno Mesh in Polypropylene Dryarn

kedra-t technical underwear motorcycle best bike outdoor jersey
Dryarn by Kedra-T polypropylene techno knit

La Techno Mesh, in direct contact with the back and chest, is the garment that can be used all year round, in any climatic condition. It is made with high performance yarns including polypropylene Dryarn, a yarn very light, breathable e bacteriostatic, which minimizes unpleasant odors. It adheres like a second skin and when travelling, it can be washed and dried very quickly, so you always wear a fresh, dry garment and carry fewer spare parts in your luggage.

Mini Maxi balaclava

kedra-t technical technical balaclava motorcycle best bike
Mini Maxi balaclava by Kedra-T

La Mini Maxi balaclava cap, however "small" it is the perfect layer to wear under a helmet. Very light, highly breathable, wearable all year round, allows you to keep your head in the best conditions under any type of helmet. It can be used off-road and washed after every sweat in enduro or on cross tracks, it can be used in the summer while traveling, limiting the contact of skin and hair with the insides of the helmets, and in the city even every day, to arrive at the office tidier and fresher when you get off the door scooter. This too washes and dries in an instant and, once on your head, it's like not having it.

Nape balaclava

kedra-t technical technical balaclava motorcycle best bike
Nape balaclava by Kedra-T

For the most demanding motorcyclists, the balaclava in Nape microfiber, breathable and thin, is the perfect travel or circuit companion. The fit "second skin" effect is guaranteed by the particular anatomical shape that follows the shape of the head. At the top, the flat seam it is unique and made with a soft yarn to make it imperceptible. In the areas of the mouth and ears, the fabric has a texture designed for greater breathability.

The words of the Director General

We also asked the General Manager of Kedra-T which one is true mission corporate: “At Kedra-T we are convinced that, in the sporting arena, the accessories are the element that really makes the difference in every situation. Whether you are on the track, grinding kilometers to reach goals deemed impossible or you are simply going to work, you will always have to face the weather factor, for this reason it is important that you have accessories in contact with the skin that protect you from the wind and from the rain or that help you manage perspiration in the summer season.

I have selected these three products because, in my opinion, they have excellent technical characteristics and each of them has a unique peculiarity, difficult to find in other products of the same type. All our items, before being marketed, have been tested by athletes and improved on the basis of the indications they have shared with us. This allows us to maintain a high technical level and to offer rigorously performing products Made in Italy."

These are obviously just some of the products you can find on Kedra-T site and in its stores, not just for the motorcycle but also for the mountain and outdoor activities in general. Furthermore, the choice expands according to personal needs, the season and the technical characteristics of each item.