Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE 2021

Designed to offer maximum enjoyment on a wide variety of roads and weather situations, the popular Versys 1000 SE for model year 2021 is taken to an even more exclusive level in terms of ride comfort and suspension feedback.

Versys 1000 SE 2021 Showa
Versys 1000 SE 2021

The Versys 1000 SE continues to raise the bar: the Kawasaki maxi enduro now has greater ride comfort and technology Skyhook by Showa.

Motorcycle at the forefront in the all roads tourer segment, thanks also to the chassis designed entirely by Showa, with the introduction of the latter Skyhook technology, Versys 1000 SE takes an even higher step in terms of quality and technology.

Versys 1000 SE 2021 Showa
Versys 1000 SE 2021

The semi-active suspensions of the KECS system incorporate the Showa's Skyhook EERA technology (Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment) to offer an even more comfortable ride.

The concept behind the Skyhook technology is to imagine a hook, which from the sky, supports the weight of the motorcycle while bouncing due to the roughness of the asphalt. So Skyhook modulates the damping force allowing the wheels to better absorb the dips and bumps encountered while keeping the bike's attitude in balance without the slightest disturbance.

Versys 1000 SE 2021 Showa
Versys 1000 SE with touring bags

Showa's Skyhook software, finely tuned by Kawasaki engineers, gives the Versys 1000 SE a sporty character, however, allowing a smoother ride and with an attitude that adapts to the road traveled in real time. The road holding is excellent, the pitch (especially when riding in two) is reduced, while the steering remains light when driving on the highway and the bike is more stable when driving in the wet.

This latest innovation is only one aspect of the remarkable Versys SE, which has many strengths both in terms of chassis and the impressive electronic package of driving aids available.

Pushed by the sporty and flexible  4 cylinders in line of 1.043 cm3 embedded in its chassis, Versys SE benefits from the ride by wire and the fully electronic throttle body which makes it possible to take advantage of the cruise control while the IMU connected to it, manages the cornering control and a series of driving aids that combined with the engine and frame complete the performance of the bike.

Versys 1000 SE 2021 Showa
Versys 1000 SE 2021 with Skyhook Showa

Standard electronic aids include the KTRC traction control and also i power modes which are selectable according to the preferences of the driver. The rider modes allow the motorcyclist to choose between four types of preferences: sport, road, rain and rider, this option, where you are free to mix the levels of traction control with those of the engine mapping.

The ergonomic package of Versys SE offers a high and protective windshield that can be positioned on eight different levels, as regards comfort there is the possibility to choose between two types of saddle including the Ergo-fit one. , lower than the standard, can be ordered from the catalog accessories.

Together with the comfortable long travel suspension, the intelligent KIBS anti-lock braking system, relies on a powerful radial braking system equipped with mono-block calipers. In addition, the side light that is activated when cornering ensures that the road is always clearly visible. In fact, Versys SE is fully equipped with a full LED lighting system.

To underline the level of exclusivity, there is not only the display TFT and LED cornering lights, we also find the Kawasaki quick shifters which allows you to change gear without using the clutch, thus winks at the sportiness of the Kawasaki trademark. The whole is supported by an anti-hopping clutch.

Versys 1000 SE and the Kawasaki Rideology app
Versys 1000 SE and the Kawasaki Rideology app

The app Kawasaki rideology via Bluetooth allows you to connect with your smartphone to Versys 1000 SE where you can view the status of the last trip, motorcycle specifications and information such as maintenance and oil change intervals, but also set the suspension calibration and check the reception of calls and mails.

With a dowry of accessories and technology typical of a luxury car, for the 2021 Versys 1000 SE, was made with a high resistance Kawasaki paint which thanks to a "trampoline effect" given by the presence of still semiliquid molecules inside the coating, preserves the appearance of the motorcycle from the slight scratches that may form on it.

Versys 1000 SE is a touring bike which will easily become addictive thanks to the convenient 12V socket where the GPS navigator will always have lifeblood to indicate the direction for your journey. Heated grips, handguards and large windshield adjustable in eight positions, offer total travel comfort whatever the weather conditions.

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