Kabuto arrives in Italy with many innovative helmets.

OGK Kabuto is the leading Japanese brand in the field of motorcycle and bicycle helmets.

OGK Kabuto - The Japanese helmets distributed by Honda
OGK Kabuto - The Japanese helmets distributed by Honda

OGK Kabuto is the Japanese brand of helmets, also distributed in Europe, with many new products for safety and design standards.

The Japanese brand is inspired by its own culture in the creation of helmets. Kabuto is the term for the traditional helmet used by samurai warriors, so today the company produces its helmets with cutting-edge technology developed after years of research.

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Kabuto helmets

The more experienced riders and those who have just started riding motorcycle they have many needs, the most important of which is the safety. For this reason wear a helmet high quality is the first step to ensure a peaceful drive from city traffic to the curves of the alpine passes.


The flip-up version of the touring helmet (which can be opened) takes its name from the Japanese word which means “breath of wind”. Kabuto has in fact carefully studied the mechanics of the chin guard of this model to allow a quick and safe release and a chin guard that offers little resistance to the wind when raised and silent when closed.

OGK Kabuto - Ibuki motorcycle flip up helmet
OGK Kabuto - Ibuki

To increase its safety and versatility, the helmet has also been equipped with high quality visors with UV protection and reflective inserts on the back. The helmet is available in nine colors and in different sizes (from XS to XL) at the price of € 469,90 and € 499,90 for models with a more elaborate design.


The new full-face helmet stands out in today's market thanks to the cutting-edge technical features studied after meticulous experiments by the Japanese brand. One of the most important innovations introduced is theUltra Cooling System, an innovative ventilation system and interiors Hexa-Pad which facilitate air circulation. After careful studies in the wind tunnel, Kabuto has collected extraordinary data, certifying a feeling of freshness after only 30 seconds of driving.

OGK Kabuto - Shuma full face motorcycle helmet
OGK Kabuto - Shuma

Among other important features, which make Shuma the perfect versatile helmet, we can mention the Wake stabilizer, the patented technology from Kabuto that makes the helmet more aerodynamic, allows smoother movements at high speeds and reduces the load on the rider's neck. The helmet is completed by some elements of the highest quality such as the Pinlock lenses, Wind Shutter No. 7 and the interiors in COOLMAX material.

Advance II

In conceiving Advance II, Kabuto has thought of a 360 ° helmet perfect for both urban use and for a more sporty one. The Avand II model reflects the entire philosophy of the company: Kabuto wanted to offer a versatile, light, safe product with an elegant design to meet the needs of its consumers.

OGK Kabuto - Avand2 motorcycle jet helmet
OGK Kabuto - Avand !!

In order not to miss anything for the motorcyclists who choose his helmets, OGK Kabuto equipped the Avand II with the SAJ system which allows a quick removal of the visors and has prepared the helmet for the special visors Pinlock. The model is available in thirteen colors and in different sizes (from XS to XL) at a price of € 159,90 and € 189,90 for models with a more elaborate design.


Kabuto already distinguished itself in 1992 with the RS-1R model, the first in the world to have a superior ventilation system, followed by numerous other patents such as the Wake Stabilizer, for greater stability and smoother movements even at higher speeds.

Yari Montella - Kabuto RT-33 full face racing motorcycle helmets
Yari Montella - Ph. Rafa Marrodán Escarda


With the aim of offering its riders increasingly comfortable and safe products, Kabuto has entered the world of competitions and in MotoGp with three top athletes: Yari Montella (Italy), Kaito Toba (Japan), Hikiari Okubo (Japan) wearing a helmet RT-33 designed for competitions and the most sporty bikes.

OGX Kabuto's official partner is Honda Motors, distributor of helmets throughout Europe.