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Calabria by motorbike

Not only clear and transparent waters, almost desert sand beaches and cliffs, succulent food, but also majestic mountains and forests.

Not just the sea. The naturalistic value of a territory that has a lot to offer is testified by the establishment of the three national parks of Pollino, Sila and Aspromonte.

Wide valleys and archaeological areas that evoke its history and the peoples (Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Angevins, Bourbons, Spaniards, French) who lived here and left their architectural and cultural footprints. Vast and rich is the material and intangible heritage of this region: from the majestic Riace Bronzes to the paintings of Mattia Preti, from the vast archaeological areas to the enchanting historical centers, from historical processions to ancient religious ceremonials, without forgetting the evocative historical re-enactments and the unmissable festivals.




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