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Sardinia by motorbike, itineraries, routes, Mediterranean scents and flavors of land and sea. An island to be discovered in all its seasons.

A large island in the center of the Mediterranean, with a rugged and mountainous territory, Sardinia offers a unique natural environment both inland and at sea.

A paradise for road and dirt bikers, most of the areas have magically remained intact: you will find deer, wild horses and large birds of prey. You will pass from the richest areas to the desert ones, from ponds to woods of millenary trees.

The sea remains the attraction of all time, with its tropical island colors, its taste of salt and many marine areas ideal for scuba diving and water sports. There Costa Smeralda with Porto Cervo, Golfo Aranci e Porto Rotondo on the Gulf of Cugnana are the most famous places but the island is beautiful in every point: to the south between Villa Simius e Costa Rei, or towards Pula, Teulada, Oristano and the famous Alghero-Bosa, Up to Stintino e Santa Teresa di Gallura. Those who prefer the mountains can go to the discovery of Gennargentu, with its unique views and villages ancient where time stopped a few centuries ago, like orgosolo in barbagia.

Alghero Bosa by motorbike

Alghero Bosa by motorbike

By motorbike from Alghero to Bosa along the most beautiful and evocative coastal road of the west coast of Sardinia.




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