Balcony of Italy and Intelvi Valley

Motorbike itinerary on Lake Como, passing through the Intelvi Valley, up to the beautiful Balcony of Italy on Mount Sighignola.

Balcony of Italy by motorbike
Balcony of Italy - View of Lake Lugano

Lake Como by motorbike is always one of the most beautiful itineraries ever, especially when you reach the top of the Balcony of Italy.

Altitude (meters above sea level)1.321
Length43 Km
DepartureCernobbio (CO)
Number of hairpin bends17
Road conditions and notesLast bumpy stretch
Map and directionsBalcony of Italy and Intelvi Valley

1Cernobbio and Carate Urio

Lake Como by motorbike - view from Carate Urio
Lake Como by motorbike - view from Carate Urio

From the calm waters of the lake, whose midday branch bathes Lecco, in motorcycle you touch luxurious and ancient, small villas villages and villages rich in history, flavors and aromas. But for those who love curves and ups and downs, it is when you move away from the lakefront that the fun begins.

Starting from Milan with our Benelli Leoncino 500 Trail, we head towards Como, exiting at the last crossroads before the Swiss border. We go beyond Cernobbio, always elegant and busy, with its Villa D'Este which for centuries was the home of the aristocracy, and since 1873, after princesses, marquises, sultans and tsars, it is an elegant five-star resort, a charming hotel among the most celebrated in the world and home of the Contest of Elegance (Cars and Motorcycles) since 1929.

It crosses Carate Urio, a very small village on the "surface of the water" where you can stop for an aperitif or a lunch by the lake. From the bank you can already see the famous "Larian triangle", another classic itinerario of Lake Como.

2Intelvi Valley

Intelvi Valley by motorbike - Lake Como
Intelvi Valley by motorbike - Lake Como

Once in Argegno from the South, you will immediately find on your left a road that goes up. Hairpin bend after you come back you quickly climb towards Castiglione D'Intelvi, reachable also for those coming from the North, with a parallel and more direct road.

The view of the lake going up is truly enchanting, and it will be more so when you make it down. From Castiglione d'Intelvi he could deviate to Pigra, another small village with a splendid view of Lake Como. From here start the winding paths to the alpine refuges in the area along the roads of the famous Cadorna Line. Photo by: Christoph Waghubinger CC BY-SA 3.0

Our destination approaches by following the signs for Lanzo d'Intelvi. Once in the village, pay attention to the indications that are not always clearly visible, but it is impossible to get lost. At this point our ascent to the Balcony of Italy begins through the Via Sighignola (which you can also enter on your navigator). The road plunges into the woods, the coolness begins to regenerate you, the uneven surface will make you turn the boxes… For this reason, go slowly, potholes and patches do not make the destination so inviting and driving fun, but trust me it's worth it.

3The Balcony of Italy

Balcony of Italy in motion - View of the Lugano Lakes
Balcony of Italy in motion - View of the Lugano Lakes

La He sighs it is a mountain 1.320 m high. On the Italian-Swiss border, stands this splendid terrace overlooking Lake Lugano (also called Ceresio), to allow you to admire the peaks of over 4 thousand meters such as the Monte Rosa and Monte Cervino. The border line between the two countries is placed on two different terraces on which the flag stands out on one side Switzerland and on the other the Tricolor.

Once at the top, the view and parking are totally free. Go up and enjoy the wonderful panorama, you will return with a real feeling of peace and well-being. And if hunger is the feeling that will assail you after such great beauty, we can highly recommend the La Baita restaurant.

La Baita Restaurant - Balcony of Italy
La Baita Restaurant - Balcony of Italy

Vittorio, the owner, always has an eye for motorcyclists: the dishes are all excellent from polenta, to the first courses of game and above all he will treat the readers of Moto Excape, so remind them! You have plenty of space for motorcycles and to sit, however it is better to book on weekends so as not to be left dry. For information visit


MotorcycleBenelli Leoncino 500 Trail
HelmetArai Sz-R Vas
ClothingSeventy Degrees
ElectronicsMIDLAND BTX1 PRO S Bluetooth intercom


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