ISSIMO by Fantic Motor

Fantic Motor Issimo, the city e-bike. How it goes, how it's done. Trial, price and features.

Fantic Motor Issimo
Fantic Motor Issimo: Urban

Fantic has finally unveiled the final versions of "ISSIMO“, The e-bike that I define as perfect for urban enduro.

Premise: as an inveterate motorcyclist and often not very tolerant towards cyclists who travel in "herd" mode occupying the entire lane, I was a bit skeptical in trying the e-bike. But Fantic is synonymous with historic engines, innovation, design and years of experience on the road and off-road… and then it had to be tried!

ISSIMO it reminds me of the kick start mopeds we grew up on. As soon as I see it and touch it, I can't wait to try it. Climb up, adjust the engine "power" from the small display electric (from 1 to 5) and the gear ratio/multiply placed on the right knob, you start pedaling and instantly the engine starts pushing, fantastic! Handy, light and with fat wheels, in addition to the front shock absorber, you feel safe right away, the feeling is instantaneous. Then those wheels really inspire them to have fun!

How are you?

Start here theurban enduro, or rather go around the city jungle among traffic, pedestrians, sidewalks, curbs, rails, cobbles ... I admit, I'm having a lot of fun! The wheels have a primary role, in cushioning the roughness and "floating" on all those funds and those pitfalls that often put cyclists in crisis, scooter e motorcycle. With suspensions (adjustable) e saddle, driving comfort is excellent.

In addition to the safety that the chassis conveys, the speed of travel, in assisted pedaling, is also remarkable, thus avoiding blocking the rest of the traffic in the narrower streets. It's not a motorcycle, we know, so you don't pay road tax and ., and it is not a bike, with the fatigue it entails and the risk of falling between rails and holes in Milan.


In my opinion it is the perfect replacement for bikes and scooters for those looking for a reliable, ecological vehicle that does not make you arrive in the office sweaty, practical to be taken even on vacation and driven by anyone in the family.

It is the ideal vehicle for those who only have a motorcycle, perhaps large or valuable, and do not want to go to the office. Or for those who have simply always said "never ride a bike in the city" but are fed up with public transport, cars or motorcycles ...

Fantic Motor Issimo
Fantic Motor Issimo: Fun

How it's done?

Il frame it has an exposed trellis, die-cast in high-strength aluminum alloy with interchangeable side covers. There fork amortized, also in aluminum, has an excursion of 80 mm. The wheels they are of the 20 ”x 4.0 FAT type, proof of potholes, cobbles and tram tracks.

Il cultural, 5-speed Shimano Nexus planetary gear is designed specifically for e-bikes, for its strength and durability. There braking it is always powerful, modular and safe, thanks to the 180 mm diameter hydraulic disc brakes, both at the front and at the rear.

Il engine latest generation electric, with a maximum power of 250 Watts, 36 Volts and a torque of 80 Nm, is powered by the battery lithium-ion battery from 630Wh, with a range from 70 to 120 km, which allows you to travel even long distances without the risk of running out of energy.

Il backlit multifunction is always clearly legible and displays all the necessary information relating to range, driving mode and type of route and can be connected with smartphones.

ISSIMO it is offered in two versions: Urban, with tires dedicated to asphalt and long mudguard to accommodate bags or other; Fun, with the short sporty “tail” and the knobby wheels, which allow a safe grip even where the asphalt ends.

ISSIMO will be available from 15 of October at a recommended retail price of € 2.990.

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