Israel fly & ride: information and recommended equipment

Israel by motorbike: travel guide for discovering the South of the country, the Negev desert, Jerusalem. Useful tips and equipment.

The video guide for traveling by motorbike in Southern Israel: land of deserts, vineyards, religions and excellent cuisine. Useful tips, travel information and equipment to take with you.

Our trip to Israel led us to discover the South, the Negev desert, Jerusalem and many other unforgettable places and views. We took a motorcycle and rode over 1.000km. Here's how to plan a week-long trip.

Content index:

  1. What to see in Israel
  2. When to go - Climate
  3. Flights and motorcycle rentals
  4. Where else to go and how to find your way around
  6. What to eat
  7. What to bring on your motorbike

What to see in Southern Israel

Our trip to the South of Israel obviously started from Tel Aviv, a large metropolis on the sea where we advise you to enjoy the nightlife and beach, large and equipped.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
Tel Aviv

Going south, we recommend a stop at the various parks and gardens of the North of negev, where it is possible to admire the flowering and an obligatory stop a Sde Boker, where the tomb of Ben Gurion, the founder of the State of Israel, which overlooks a very impressive canyon. Not to be missed Ein Avdat Nationa Park from the lunar landscape, for a walk along the stream that leads to a waterfall.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
Ein Avdat National Park

Mipze Ramon it is a small town perfect for exploring the surroundings. First in importance is the Makhtesh Ramon, a crater of geological origin, with incredible colors at sunset. For off-road lovers you can venture into the Gvanim Wadi or stay on the asphalt along the Road 10, along the suggestive border with theEgypt. In addition to the natural beauties, don't forget to visit the archaeological sites di Avdat e Shivta, Nabataean settlements along the Incense Route.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
Mipze Ramon

Through it Scorpions' Ascent, a breathtaking panoramic road, you reach the Dead Sea, the deepest depression on Earth. From Neve Zohar, in addition to experiencing the thrill of diving into the salty water of the reservoir, you can visit Masada, the city built by Herod in 37 BC e Arad, another archaeological site over 5.000 years old. further north, you will find the kibbutz and oasis of A Gedi.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
The ruins of Masada

Before arriving in Jerusalem we recommend a detour in Palestine to visit the magnificent Monastery of San Giorgio, embedded in the walls of a deep Canyon. In Jerusalem you will have to dedicate at least one full day, if not more. Not to be missed: the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and room of the last supper of Jesus, rebuilt by the Crusaders; the Western Wall, also known such as wailing wall and the tomb of King David; the Esplanade of the Mosques; the alleys and shops of the Old Town (the ancient city). If you needed to expert guide we would like to point out our well-prepared travel companion Doron Sar Shalom.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
Jerusalem - Ph. Canva

When to go - Climate

Summer in Israel is very hot, especially in the South and on the Dead Sea, for this reason we recommend visiting the country during the rest of the year, including winter, when temperatures are milder and temperatures fluctuate between 10 degrees. and 20 roughly.

Israel by motorbike
The authors "on the moon"

Beware of the desert, the dry climate and the wind can raise a bit of dust, for this reason we recommend drinking a lot, even when it's not hot and to bring eye drops, as well as protecting your eyes well with a helmet with a visor or a cross mask.

Flights and motorcycle rentals

Israel is easily reachable with a flight of only 4 hours, from Milan or Rome. Easyjet o Ellal are the main airlines with daily flights to Tel Aviv where there are also several car rentals motorcycle e scooter.

The roads are almost all paved and even the few dirt roads we have done are very well-trodden tracks, therefore you can also rent road bikes, the dowels are not needed. For the rental it is sufficient the Italian driving license, but we always recommend that you inquire with the company that will provide you with the bike.

Bike life Israel is both tour operator and rental. You will find as many as 4 between Honda african twin 2 Honda NC 750 X e 4 Suzuki V-Power 650. With Bikelife Israel it is possible to take only rented motorcycles and ride independently, add a support vehicle with driver or travel with one of their expert guides for one of theirs organized tours more beautiful. You can also request tailor-made tours or choose one of the many proposals that you find at the link, both to discover all the best of Israel and to venture into the most remote or suggestive places.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
Israel by motorbike

Where else to go and how to find your way around

In a week you can see almost all of the South of the country and the main cities but if you have more time we advise you to go up to Eilat, not only for swimming and diving in the Red Sea but above all for the spectacular Timna Park.

For all tourist information, even in Italian, we strongly recommend that you consult the official site of Israeli Tourism, full of useful advice, guides and all the information on the roads and on the Israeli and Palestinian areas in which it is possible to transit.


In addition to numerous Hotel for all budgets, both in cities and in villages smaller, our advice is to experience the wonderful Glamping found along the way. they can be in the dunes, in the canyons, in the oases, such as theEin Gedi Camp Lodge, or try the many campsites even in the archaeological sites, always very well equipped.

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Ein Gedi Camp Lodge

What to eat

Israeli cuisine is like the country itself, an exciting mix of traditions and cultures. The diet is typically Mediterranean and Middle Eastern, based on meat, fish and vegetables. Chickpeas are the masters with humus, delicious, served anywhere and in any case, accompanied by a sesame-based tahini sauce, or in falafel, chickpea balls and spices. The meats, grilled or in meatballs (kebabs) are slightly spiced and really good, as are the vegetables, a must for every meal. As always, we recommend experimenting with everything, in every corner of the country, without forgetting the desserts, made with honey or goat cheese, one better than the other.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
Falafel and Humus - Ph. Canva

What to bring on your motorbike

Our suitcase, with everything you need to ride a motorbike, was left for hire and we brought all the following on the saddle.

Leatherwear: to travel in different temperatures we have chosen the suit Clover Laminator 2 WP, the perfect solution for motorcycle trips. It is a laminated fabric with waterproof membrane, which allows you to stay dry if it rains, leaving the rain suit at home. For the colder days inside we find a nice down which can also be used alone to go out, while for the hottest ones just open the numerous ones air vents placed in front and on the back.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
Clover Laminator 2WP

While for theintimate technical our choice always focuses on Sixs, which offers all solutions for every temperature, does not emit odors and wash and dry very quickly.

Safety: starting from the head we could only be faithful to Levo flip up helmets di caberg, with a huge field of vision, double homologation, well ventilated and comfortable even after many hours in the saddle. Among other things, the predisposition of Bluetooth allows assembly without complications and in a few minutes. For the back we used the Clover back protector, molded perfectly for the body and for the Laminator 2 WP jacket, or the Pro Armor di Dainese, very breathable.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
Caberg LEVO Sonar

The bags chosen for the trip are Givi, in particular we have selected the latest models presented at Eicma della X-Line line. For the BMW R 1250 GS we chose the tank bag XL04 which fits perfectly to the German tourer and lo backpack / saddle bag XL02, both very resistant and light and with a very comfortable removable internal waterproof bag that allows you to leave the "shell" mounted on the bike. While for the F 750 GS we opted for the watertight bag of the line 35 liter canyon and for tank bag universal GRT715.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice

for communication We have choosen Midland, industry leader for quality and service. The Bluetooth system BTX2 Pro S it proved to be perfect in all conditions, with a clear range of up to 1km, allowing us to talk, call, listen to music or the navigator's instructions. On the ground and for filming, we used the EK35 kit consisting of a pair of Walkie Talkie it's a FM radio with flashlight e power bank (very useful for recharging various video devices, such as the Action Cam H9 Pro, which we used for all the shots, even in 4K and off-road thanks to the image stabilizer.

BMW R 1250 GS and F 750 GS equipped with Givi bags
Midland BTX2 Pro S

Last but not least, the inevitable pliers multipurpose Leatherman in its version Charge with Ratchet Driver (the ratchet) e Bit Kits (set of tips) and a comfortable one Tool Pouches (case) for transportation.

Leatherman Surge Ratchet Driver Curl Knives Pliers Multipurpose Motorcycle Bike
Leatherman Ratchet Driver