Iran - motorcycle trip in the hottest desert in the world

Iran by motorbike means: breathtaking landscapes, wild nature, history, deserts, architecture, the warmth and welcome of people.

IMG_5675 iran moto lut desert

Traveling by motorbike in Iran is a unique experience: breathtaking landscapes, wild nature, history, wonderful sophisticated architecture and the warmth that only the locals and the Lut Desert can convey.

Iran, or ancient Persia, we can define it as the friendliest and most hospitable country in the world. It is the jewel that shines in the crown of Islam.

Il Dash-and-Lut it is literally the hottest desert on earth: it recorded record temperatures over 71 ° centigrade. Located in southeastern Iran, according to National Geographic it is the fourth natural beauty of the earth even in August. Here we can admire the Kalouts of Shahdad, or rather narrow and nearby hills, many times similar to minarets, which create U-shaped structures; the credit is due to the very strong wind of the Persian desert that carries away layers of clayey soil, debris from the bottom of the Tethys, the ancient ocean that covered the territory of present-day Iran (between 20 and 7 million years ago).

IMG_5675 iran moto lut desertIn motorcycle, the journey to discover this wonder of nature takes about 6 days. With the support of Drive to Iran it is possible to rent enduro motorbikes, to be guided if you arrive with your own motorbikes or to have them transported on site. The journey is incredible: it starts from the first Kalouts that recall the mountains of Acacus in the Sahara, passing through Gandom Beryan, a vast arid area, made ghostly by the carcasses of dead animals and where not even bacteria survive. Even in the coolest period you can feel the heat in the sun coming from the ground, but all tolerable in front of such a spectacle. This area was once home to over 400 volcanoes, which is why it is covered in black volcanic rocks. You cross the majestic dunes of Rig and Yalan and deep canyons that can be accessed both by motorbike and by 4 × 4. We had a great time both with our big twins and with the small and slim enduros we rented, especially on the dunes. On the way to the Canyon of Zaban-e Mar you can observe the mountain Kuh-i Malik Mohamad, which served as an orientation for Austrian researcher Alfons Gabriel. It was he who gave a name to this mountain.

Obviously Iran does not end here, on the contrary. A visit to cities such as Tehran, Yazd, Shiraz, Hamadan, Isfahan, or to archaeological sites such as Takht-e-Jamshid and Naqsh-e Rostam cannot be omitted. The country is safe, the people are kind and hospitable to be embarrassed, the food is excellent and the roads are beautiful. Your trip to Iran will be adventurous, spectacular and unforgettable.

IMG_5675 iran moto lut desertThe best time to visit Dash-e-Lut is from October to March, but some also venture into August. You can drive to Iran from Italy, request the transport of your motorbike (at fair prices) or rent it on site. The guys from Drive to Iran literally take care of everything, from the visa (about 140 Euros), to the carnet de passage (about 150 Euros), to the 6-day tour that provides full assistance, from paperwork, permits, fuel, accommodation, guides, translators, support vehicles and much more starting from 600 Euros per person. Their care and availability will never make you feel alone, even in the most extreme desert in the world. For more information visit Drive to Iran.

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