Intrepid on a motorcycle between Tuscany and Umbria

On the tracks of the Intrepida for a tour of medieval villages and ancient country roads, on asphalt and dirt roads.

Intrepida in moto itinerary white roads tuscany umbria
Dauntless on a motorcycle - Ph. Canva

Intrepid in motion, the itinerary on the most beautiful routes between Arezzo and Perugia to discover ancient villages and dirt roads immersed in nature.

We are located in the south-east of Tuscany in the province of Arezzo, a borderland guardian of great heritages and unique landscape beauties, for a beautiful Adventure Touring by motorbike in the company of Enrico Severi, of

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The Intrepida

the Intrepida is a vintage cycling event, like the famous Eroica, which every third Sunday of October, starts from the square of the charming town of Anghiari (AR), a medieval village of great charm that has obtained the recognition of the Orange flag, is located on a hill overlooking the valley of the Tiber and Sovara rivers . On the trail of this established event and with the addition of some variants, we allow ourselves a wonderful driving experience on our motorcycle, discovering its most hidden and remote corners, skirted here and there by villages perched, small streams and luxuriant woods including chestnuts, until reaching Umbria in the territory of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina (PG). There are numerous typical refreshment points where you can taste the best home cooking in the area.

Intrepida in moto itinerary white roads tuscany umbria anghiari
Anghiari - Ph. Canva

Anghiari (AR)

The village develops along the steep 'Ruga di San Martino' a long straight stretch of 7 km, which crosses the town making it unique and suggestive. In the historic center, narrow alleys and magical corners give way to small squares that host artisan shops and furniture restoration laboratories; he asked and museums they guard the masterpieces of our history and, at every corner, it is the panorama that becomes a work of art for the eyes. Do not miss the Museum of the Battle of Anghiari, Palazzo Taglieschi, Museum of Mercy, Palazzo Pretorio, Church of S. Agostino, Church of S. Maria delle Grazie, Bell Tower and Church of the Cross.

Monterchi (AR)

On the border withUmbria, Monterchi houses one of the most important works of the Italian Renaissance, the Madonna del Parto, painted by Piero della Francesca between 1450 and 1465. From its mighty walls, between arches and squares, you can admire the rounded countryside along the Cerfone river , up to reach the ridge of the central Apennines. Do not miss a visit to the Museum of Scales (Weights and Measures), an extraordinary private collection of a Monterchi citizen that incorporates numerous types of scales, weights, keys and locks for over 600 years of history.

Mount Santa Maria Tiberina (PG)

The town, which maintains its medieval urban charm intact, is located in a suggestive panoramic position: from the Upper Tiber Valley to the Valdichiana, on the ancient Etruscan roads, the Umbrian and Tuscan valleys are dominated, and on clear days you can see also the Apuan Alps and Gran Sasso of Abruzzo. From the XNUMXth century it was a fiefdom of the Bourbon del Monte marquises, descendants of the Marquises del Colle who built numerous cones and castles in several strategic points. The most interesting buildings are the Bourbon del Monte Palace and the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, with the crypt-sepulcher of the family itself.

Intrepida by motorbike itinerary white roads tuscany umbria Monterchi
Monterchi - Ph. Canva

Citerna (PG)

This ancient village, perched between the Cerfone valley and the plain crossed by Sovara in a dominant position on the Upper Tiber Valley, is our point of arrival. It owes its name to the presence of the cisterns that once served as a water reservoir. Do not miss the medieval walkway, Palazzo Vitelli and Prosperi for the richness of the furnishings, the Fireplace "of lovers" and the fascinating Church Museum of San Francesco.


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