Cold is coming and Sixs presents the copper technical underwear

From copper comes the new Blazefit material for better breathability and body thermo-regulation.

Sixs Warm Cu with Blazefit yarn, technical underwear, motorcycle, bike, ski
Sixs Warm Cu with Blazefit yarn

SIXS introduces a new material for the production of some of its yarns dedicated to the colder season, copper: this is how it works.

The newest winter garments Warm Cu they take their name from the chemical element that distinguishes the copper used in fibers. The various models were previewed at the Italian Bike Festival which was held in Rimini from 10 to 12 September 2021 and immediately afterwards they will be launched on the market for the autumn / winter 2021-2022 season. The fabric with which they are made takes the name of Blazefit.

Key Features:

  • The copper present in the fabric is a noble metal necessary, among other things, for the growth, metabolism and good health of our organism
  • Thanks also to its high thermal conductivity, it accelerates the evaporation process of sweat, reduces the moisture of the skin and maintains a constant body temperature.
  • Permanent: thanks to its structure, the fabric maintains a constant effectiveness over time, even after many washes
  • Fights free radicals: copper has a strong antioxidant action and eliminates free radicals, one of the causes responsible for aging
  • Thanks to the presence of copper, the Blazefit fabric has remarkable antibacterial properties
  • The new Blazefit fabric is composed as follows: Polypropylene (75%), Polyamide (15%), Elastane (5%), Copper (5%)

When to use it:

The new line SIXS WARM CU is perfect for the colder season and is very suitable for practicing any outdoor sport: from motorcycle, to cycling, from snowmobiling, to skiing and snowboarding.

I prices to the public vary from 60,00 to 80,00 Euros (VAT included).