Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum on fire

The Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum, on the Passo del Rombo, was completely destroyed in a fire.

Completely destroyed in a fire one of the most beautiful motorcycle museums in the world, the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum, on the Passo del Rombo.

A huge fire completely devastated the stunning Timmelsjoch museum (Turbot Pass). Located on the Austrian side, opened in 2016, it burned down last night, completely destroying the museum and collection.

The more than seventy firefighters who rushed to the scene could not do much to save the museum. The museum is located in Hochgurglin Tyrol, About 2.200 meters of altitude, not far from the border with Italy. The fire had already enveloped the whole structure in wood and iron which made this museum even more fascinating. By using even the artificial snow systems, they managed to prevent the fire from spreading to the adjacent restaurant and to the valley station of the Kirchenkarbahn.

Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum
Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum

On 3.000 m² they were exposed more than 230 motorcycles classic from over 100 manufacturers, including Motorcycle Guzzi, MV Agusta, Ducati, BMW, DKW, Zündapp, Triumph, Sunbeam, Matchless, Brough Superior, Vincent, Honda, Henderson, Indian e Harley Davidson. A few cars were also on display, such as the Ferrari Californian Spider, a Porsche 959 and a Lotus 23 B. It had been the dream of Alban Scheiber, the manager of the Hochgurgl ski lift company, and his brother Attila.

The causes are not yet known, but it seems that fortunately there are no victims or injured, even if the sorrow for the lost historical heritage remains. We report the video of Hermann Kollinger witnessing the terrible fire.