A day with MOTOAIRBAG® V3

MOTOAIRBAG® V3: everything you need to know from unboxing to road use on a classic day on the bike.

MOTOAIRBAG® V3 is the mechanical system airbag protection system that we tested in all conditions to tell you how it goes.

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  1. Video: Unboxing and Road Test
  3. Sizes and temperatures
  4. Activation and Fastlock
  5. Field of action
  6. Further information

When you are talking about safety in motorcycle, the protections would never be enough, but we can say that with the airbag systems we have reached considerably higher levels.

The videos

We have made 2 videos on the MOTOAIRBAG® protection system to tell you the complete experience of buying and using the V3 vest with double airbag, front and rear.

The first, above, describes the unboxing and the features, in the second, below, we talk about our experience on the road, the ease of use and all the other aspects of the use of the airbag.


in the MOTOAIRBAG® V3 package you will find, in addition to the vest, the instruction manual where all the technical characteristics, the homologation and certification details, the adjustable fastening strap around the saddle and the adhesive that reminds you to hook and unhook it are indicated when you get on and off the bike. Also you will find the Identity card of the MOTOAIRBAG® which is used to register the product for warranty and service purposes.

The vest is available in 3 different colors, comes with the Fastlock (the coupling and activation system) already installed as well as the cartridges of the two airbag systems (front and rear). On the front it has a handy pocket for items to keep close at hand.

Sizes and temperatures

The V3 vest we tested is a size S / M that fits perfectly and is adjustable via two side zips and 4 straps for a perfect fit. The weight of about 2kg is felt mainly when you hold the vest in your hand, but once worn it resembles a leather jacket with protections but with much more freedom of movement.

In summer, the vest obviously limits that feeling of freshness given by the flow of front air, but nevertheless the air that passes under the vest is still perceptible and in the end it does not turn out to be so hot. On hot days we recommend wearing a mesh / perforated jacket to get the maximum benefit. On the contrary, in winter it is an extra outer layer that protects from the freezing air.

Activation and Fastlock

Once you have installed the strap with the ring around the saddle or the pre-drilled strap on the frame (accessory sold separately), just get on the saddle and hook the Fastlock carabiner. A simple operation to activate the two protection systems, the chest airbag and the back airbag, for a total of 25 liters of volume in case of inflation.

The Fastlock allows you to move easily, get on and off without the risk of accidental opening, stand up for off-road driving and obviously, in the event of an accident, it is activated in an imperceptible fraction of a second. The advantage of the mechanical system is also linked to the fact that there is no need to charge batteries or update any software. Close the MOTOAIRBAG® V3 vest tightly, hook it up and go.

Field of action

The mechanical system, as such, is not an old technology as some believe, it is just an extremely simple system. For this reason we have studied the field of action through a graph, called radar, which allows us to understand when the system is activated.

Motoairbag - Activation field v3 motorcycle airbag
Motoairbag - Activation field

From the radar, since it is a mechanical system that is activated when it enters traction, we understand the activation range is 360 °. In fact, from whatever point the impacting vehicle arrives, in whatever way / direction the motorcycle (and the rider) falls, the Fastlock locks and activates the airbags with just a few cm of sliding. As a result, we can really talk about all-round protection.

On the contrary, an electronic system is programmed and designed to be activated in all the conditions that are precisely foreseen. But both software and hardware, in an electronic system, fail to cover the infinite events within the 360 ​​degrees.

This verification you can, indeed you should do it, through the instructions and / or information you find on the manufacturer's sites, by analyzing the graphs / radars that identify the activation field of a airbag system.

Further information

For other curiosities, information or for direct purchase from the manufacturer, you can visit the site motoairbag.com. The Italian company, on the outskirts of Milan, is always at your disposal for any information or assistance, another factor not to be overlooked when investing heavily in your own safety.