Learning to ride a motorcycle: driving license A and useful tips

Tips to learn how to ride a motorcycle as an adult and get a driving license A. Short guide to start alone or with a driving school.

Motorcycle driving school - License A
Motorcycle driving school - A license - Ph. Canva

Learn to ride the motorbike, get the A license and start traveling around Italy and the world. Short guide for the more fearful.

Studying, learning to drive and venturing on the first routes is never easy when you are an adult and you have little time available, but as Michele tells us, it is never too late.

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  1. About me
  2. Difficulties and fears
  3. The driving test
  4. License Appendix A

In 2018, at the age of 46, I finally decided to enroll in a driving school to acquire the basics for driving license A. Choosing the driving school, and having already a driving license B, purchase only the "guides", as it is necessary to redo the theory test.

I introduce myself

My name is Michele and I live in Fano, I am 49 years old and I am a nurse, and I have never had any two-wheeled vehicle besides a bicycle (even the one I bought as an adult). I've always had a desire to drive one motorcycle, but life often programs very different for us, until one day I decided to open the drawer of dreams and get on the saddle.

In 2018 I finally decided to enroll in the driving school to acquire the basics for the A license. Having chosen the driving school, and already having the B license, I only buy the "guides", as it is necessary to redo the theoretical test.

The first difficulties and fears

I get on a motorcycle for the first time and my personal adventure begins that will accompany me for many years. But as soon as I start the engine, I perceive the vibrations together with the first insecurities: "Will I be able to be a motorcyclist?".

I'm afraid of making a mistake, of falling and thus losing my enthusiasm. I remember the first few meters, trying to coordinate well feet, clutch, gearbox, accelerator, another world than the car. At the beginning only 1st and 2nd gear, you turn on a square, then the first streets and finally the city, the roundabouts, the intersections, the traffic lights and the first uphill starts.

How much effort! But just as much satisfaction and happiness in transforming tension into riding pleasure, fear into joy, with the bike that I fell only once.

The practical driving test

I complete the path of 13 guides of about 50 minutes each and it is time for the practical test with the examiner, fortunately I am not anxious but the emotion is tangible. With the instructor we had tried the routes and driving in the city over and over again, as it should be and as more or less all driving schools do.

The slalom, the inversion, the narrow corridor, the sudden obstacle deviation and the pins all remain motionless in their place. The drive in the city lasts about 20 minutes, and as the end of the test approached the awareness of having made it grew in me! There Kawasaki ER 6N yellow had been fantastic! I put the arrow on, pull over, turn off the bike and get off like a “seasoned” motorcyclist and a big smile under my helmet.

I go to work lightly and with the awareness of having finished the first step of a long journey, but the fundamental one. Now the second step: the choice of first bike!

The driving license A3

La license A unlimited, also referred to as Driving license A3, is used to immediately drive all types of motorcycles, but now it cannot be achieved before having turned 24. The age limit can drop to 20, as long as you own license A2 for at least 2 years.

As anticipated, having already the B license I only needed the guides with the bike. This must have a displacement equal to or greater than 600 cc, with a minimum power of 40 kW (54 hp) and a weight of no less than 180 kg. Once you have acquired the skills with a final practical exam you are enabled to drive any motorcycle with both automatic and manual gearboxes. On the other hand, if you pass the exam with an AM motor vehicle with automatic transmission, you are not qualified to drive a motorbike with a manual gearbox.

I made 13 guides, starting practically from scratch. Of course, those who already have experience will need fewer guides and can concentrate on the exercises related to the actual test. My advice, when you have little experience, is to always rely on a driving school, not only for simply learning to drive but to have all the knowledge necessary to pass the practical exam and the various technical exercises, avoiding trivial errors that they can compromise the passing of the exam.