Learning to ride - The driving courses that save our lives

Safe driving courses, on the road, on the track or off-road. The importance of learning techniques, maneuvers, tricks and secrets to know your bike and yourself.

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The importance of riding the bike well and above all knowing how to behave on and off the road. That's why courses to learn how to ride can save our lives.

A few days ago I came across a post on facebook from a user who found himself having difficulty following a group of friends on a normal Sunday outing. It is useless to highlight some comments from heroes, probably those that we find ourselves in the wrong turn out of the curve and who often put our lives at risk (in addition to theirs). Fortunately, I have also read about many people who recommended this or that to the unmotivated boy, including i courses in motorcycle. Well yes! because you can have all the experience in the world and shoot sentences, but when you don't have it, the fear of driving doesn't let go and doesn't help you.

So why ruin a beautiful ride on a motorcycle, when, with a course done well, we learn a lot and gain confidence and mastery of the vehicle (and of ourselves)?

I have been riding for a lifetime, now over 25 years, and I found myself in a thousand different situations, with all types of bikes. But I have to admit that if I hadn't taken those two or three key courses, my guide today would still be the same as it was 15 years ago. I do not deny that my work brings me to know many schools and many operators in the sector, but the result does not change: I have been on the track, on the road, on dirt roads accompanied by various instructors, with my bike or theirs and I cannot deny having really learned a lot, from them, from the bike and from myself.

Surely "the road" is the best teacher, but at the same time full of dangers, and we cannot afford to make mistakes, let alone "try". It's bad to ask, but how many "lying" bikes do we see every year in our outings? It will be bad luck, it will be the oil stain or the car that suddenly came out ... but often also the driver's mistake.

ENDURO LIVE OUT LERMA COURSEWe come to the courses. It is certainly not here that they teach you what the dangers of the road are and what to do at intersections, but what you learn is certainly valuable. We all have different bikes, road, sports, enduro, maxi-enduro, maxi-scooter that we can not bring "to the limit" on the state, but in a course, in protected environment such as a paved and unpaved track, we can understand everything what our bike allows us to do, how much we can dare, how much we must and can stop, and much more. You learn to nail, to avoid obstacles without panicking, to have full control of the vehicle and above all a understand our limits, beyond which you lose that feeling of "comfort" and you no longer enjoy driving.

This is the real goal of the motorcyclist, to be able drive safely, also “pushing”, but being able to enjoy the panorama, the curves, the scents and the emotions that the road gives us, then go home with maximum satisfaction.

My advice is therefore to invest in a course that we believe is more suitable for us and our needs, without shame and without fear, because in my opinion it is the best demonstration of maturity and seriousness that will make the difference in your many kilometers that await you.

Get one, fasten your helmet and never stop traveling!

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