Hp Corse 4-Track for Tiger 1200

HP Corse presents the 4-TRACK exhaust dedicated to the Triumph Tiger 1200, with a unique, light and performing sound at low and medium revs.

4-TRACK HP Racing Triumph Tiger 1200
HP Corse 4-TRACK for Triumph Tiger 1200

Triumph Tiger 1200 (MY 2018-19) and 4-TRACK by HP Corse exhausts.

To the family Triumph Tiger 1200 (MY 2018-2019) belong motorcycle designed to be driven aiming at fun and safety, with a powerful engine, innovative technologies and optimized ergonomics.

There are two categories: the XR models, designed to achieve excellence on the road, and the XC models, capable of guaranteeing the best experience on any surface, whether ON or OFF. Characterized by great handling, they have a high riding position and a strong profile for superior style, control and comfort. To make the 3 cc 1215-cylinder engine even more surprising and muscular, HP CORSE has dedicated the 4-TRACK exhaust to the beautiful and powerful English car.

 4-TRACK is available in three different materials (Titanium, Satin Steel, Black Steel) and with its strong but slender shapes, it is able to redesign the rear area of ​​the English maxi enduro, enhancing its aesthetic qualities, handling and sound. . Made for all Sport Touring / Adventure, Maxi Enduro and Crossover models, the 4-TRACK exhaust is dedicated to centaurs who love to travel many kilometers through roads, paths, passivated mountain ... Tested on the dyno and on the road, it guarantees great reliability and a reduced weight compared to the original, improving the performance of the Hinckley three-cylinder, particularly at low and medium revs.

approved Euro 4, 4-TRACK has an octagonal-shaped caseback, a seamless hydroformed spout, a carbon heat-protection cover and a laser-engraved logo.

Available for purchase at HP CORSE dealers and on site www.hpcorse.com, the new 4-TRACK dedicated to the TIGER 1200 family is on sale at the following prices:

  • 4-TRACK Titanium: Euro 878,40 (VAT incl.)
  • 4-TRACK Satin steel: Euro 719,80 (VAT incl.)
  • 4-TRACK Black Steel: Euro 829,60 (VAT incl.)


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