Hp Corse exhausts for DUCATI DesertX and KTM 1290 S. Adventure

Hp Corse presents two new exhausts for the Ducati DesertX and for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure, beautiful and performing.

HP Racing - SP-1 Evo Short
HP Corse - SP-1 Evo Short "low" for Ducati DesertX

At EICMA 2022, Hp Corse presents two new exhausts for the Ducati DesertX and for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure.

Not just adventure, travel and dirt roads, but a lot more performance and aesthetics with the new exhausts dedicated to the “most thrilling” maxi enduro bikes of Borgo Panigale and Mattighofen.

Ducati DesertX

To this motorcycle in many respects unique, Hp Corse has dedicated the SP-1 Evo Short, an exhaust where simplicity becomes art and which embodies the truest essence of the “off road” spirit.

With the SP-1 Evo Short the exhaust returns to its original synthesis to get rid of the superfluous and melt its whole soul. An exhaust that since its first becoming on paper has been inspired by the great African rallies and does so by reinterpreting the past through minimalist lines and a very light weight. The body is oval in shape, the bottoms are printed and conical, the "Hp Corse Titanium" logo is laser engraved and the outlet spout - inside which the dbk is present - is round without welding in the bend angle in order to guarantee a perfect flow of exhaust gases.

HP Corse - SP-1 Evo Short "Alto" for Ducati DesertX exhaust muffler price
HP Corse - SP-1 Evo Short “Alto” ​​for Ducati DesertX

SP-1 Evo Short has a slip-on fitting low pass or high pass with quick release by means of springs and can be installed on the original catalytic converter or on the 2in1 made in Hp Corse de-cat link pipe (in this case the use of the terminal is allowed only and exclusively in a closed circuit and not on roads open to the public). The low pass SP-1 Evo Short outlet spout for the DesertX it differs from the “standard” model in that it has a more pronounced lean angle to prevent fumes from hitting the arrow, overheating it. All this contributes to giving the Bolognese bike an even more “rally” aspect. Euro 5 approved, the SP-1 Evo Short has a 300 mm titanium sleeve with a natural finish.

KTM Super Adventure 1290

For the 160 HP V-twin engine, Hp Corse has created the brand new SPS CARBON RR forged in the most precious of metals, Titanium, to be not only strong, but also resistant and light.

HP Corse - SPS CARBON RR for KTM Super Adventure 1290 exhaust muffler price
HP Corse - SPS CARBON RR for KTM Super Adventure 1290

Conceived in the R&D center of Bologna, SPS CARBON RR is equipped with a cover and a carbon tip that coat the titanium casing. First tested on the bench and then on asphalt and on the most demanding terrains, SPS CARBON RR is designed to guarantee safety, great reliability and extraordinary torque and delivery for superior performance.
SPS CARBON RR with its final and carbon cover transforms the “tail” of the 1290 Super Adventure (S and R) making it even more aggressive and streamlined.
SPS CARBON RR connects to the original collectors and maintains the catalyst of the Austrian maxi enduro. EURO 5 homologated, it is 2.8 kg lighter than the standard exhaust. It has an octagonal shape, strong lines and a laser engraved logo. The titanium casing is available in either a natural or black ceramic finish.