How to prepare the bike for winter storage

Here are some simple tips to keep the bike in perfect condition during winter storage: bodywork, battery, tires.

battery washing motorcycle tires winter maintenance cold snow storage
Winter storage

The cold is approaching and many motorcyclists go into hibernation leaving the bike in the garage for a few months. Here are some tips to do it right.

To restart safely and smoothly when the sun's rays return to heat the asphalt, it is good to remember some operations to keep the bike well during the winter months and all its components.

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  1. Washing and protection
  2. Battery
  3. Tyres

How to wash and protect the motorcycle

Before "abandoning" the motorcycle it is always better to wash it thoroughly and remove all accumulated dirt, even in the most difficult to reach points. Stains on the bodywork, rust, encrustations, oxidation of the contacts are avoided. Fra-Ber, all-Italian company, has been producing some of the best cleaning and preservation products for professional use for over 30 years.


You can then start by removing stubborn bugs and stains with the spray No insects then proceed to a nice wash with the self-polishing shampoo Bersolux, using a soft sponge that does not damage the delicate plastic parts and perhaps a wedge brush for the motor and for difficult points. And if you are not a fan of detailing, with a single product, the 6 FOR 1, finished the job: cleans the surfaces, revives them without greasing them, protects against UVA rays, eliminates dust, stains the saddle fabrics and gives a long-lasting fragrance. It can be used on cloth, plastics and other hard surfaces. Then dry it well, perhaps in the open air with the sun, so as not to store it with hidden moisture.

Store and run the battery

During the winter and in any case during long stops, it is always advisable to leave the battery charged with a device that preserves it well without altering its performance over time. From OSRAM brand, known for the two-wheeler public for the production of components in the lighting field, there are 3 interesting innovations for motorcycles.

OSRAM BATTERYcharge and BATTERYstart motorcycle cars

BATTERY charge is the new line of devices that adapt to different media (scooter, motorcycle, car) and are easy to use thanks to the large backlit LCD display they are equipped with: just press a button to start the recharging cycle in several stages (7 stages for lithium batteries, 9 stages for lead/acid/AGM ones) and switch to maintenance mode as soon as the battery is charged again.

If, on the other hand, your battery, due to reached age limits, is no longer able to start the vehicle, both after storage and during daily use (this can happen), OSRAM always offers the BATTERY start. The starter is available in 3 variants, compact in size and light (from 300 to 700 gr), they support the jump start of the engine and via USB connection they also work as a power bank, allowing the charging of mobile phones, tablets and cameras. Ready to use, the three OSRAM models have a comfortable LED light that illuminates the work area. The differences in the range concern the cubic capacity of the engines to be started, which can reach 8 liters / petrol and 4 liters / diesel.


As for the tires, especially in the case of very heavy bikes, if you do not have a central stand that can alleviate the weight and any deformation of the tire (very rare anyway), our advice is to move the bike a few meters and put it back on. its place, marking the point where it was supported with a piece of chalk, so as not to put it back in the same place. Beware of lifts and economic solutions for sale on the internet, they can give way and cause a lot of damage.

OSRAM TIRE inflation 2000

If you don't have space and want to have a "Pocket compressor" battery powered, the OSRAM TIRE inflation 2000 it inflates the tire in about 2 minutes, has a courtesy LED light, is equipped with a rechargeable battery (does not need a 12 V power supply) And it works as a power bank for other devices.