Honda Academy - Off-road vehicle in Piacentino

Honda True Adventure Offroad Academy: day two, tired but happy to discover the wonders of the Piacenza hills off-road, between fords, stony ground and wonderful landscapes.

Honda True Adventure Offroad Academy Moto Excape
Honda True Adventure Offroad Academy

Honda True Adventure Offroad Academy: discovering the Piacenza hills off-road, between fords, stony ground and wonderful landscapes.

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November 27, 2019. Past the first day of exercises and off-road practice, after a splendid dinner in the company of all the participants, we woke up with the muscles a little tense (I expected it ...) but well ready and loaded to go and discover this beautiful area off-road.

At 8:30 everything was ready to go: the fleet of african twin, CB500X, X-ADV and various 250 L and Rally from Honda. Short briefing on the route, on the groups that will be followed along the route according to your acquired level and you get on the saddle.

The bike also makes a difference

My brief experience in off had not yet come to try theafrican twin (2019 model) and I couldn't wait to try it in its natural habitat.

We all start together and already after a few meters there motorcycle it conveys that wonderful feeling of mastery as if you have been driving it for many years. The curves are gentle and we flow through the hamlets and the first truly suggestive autumn landscapes. The dirt road begins, nothing demanding, and we take the opportunity to “feel” the bike, the brakes, the engine and time five minutes, just enough to understand what a splendid vehicle it is, we remove all the traction controls: it's time to give the gas!

The perfect day

After a while we face the first ford, more suggestive than complex, and everyone comes out of it serenely. The route climbs and winds through fields and villages postcard, accompanied by scents and colors that only this season can give.

There is no shortage of Marcello Romano's pulling of ears, but it is not easy to stay focused on posture and exercises when you find yourself driving on these beautiful ups and downs.

Dowels try a little bit of everything: stony ground, slippery surfaces, other fords, mud, more or less demanding sections. Everything perfect, except for a few small slips of someone (including me), more out of indecision than anything else, we make a stop along the way in the surroundings of tavern, with a "light" aperitif based on cold cuts e cotechino just cooked.

As on all these occasions, words will never be able to convey what one feels live. For this reason we let the images taken by Academy photographer, Massimo, who is always present to document both the days and the most beautiful passages.

Back to the shed, we leave pieces, helmets and protection for the goliardic delivery of certificates and to the compliments Honda, before end-of-course lunch where we will recover the energies of the day.

The end

Thus ends our short, intense and fun adventure with Honda. A weekend that we recommend to everyone (Honda and non-Honda owners) for learn the basics of off-roading, to go on a motorbike in company, share pleasures and hardships, switch off and enjoy a wonderful place, between dirt roads and really beautiful municipal roads.

We want to thank you Marcellus Roman e Honda True Adventure Offroad Academy (which you will find at EICMA at the Honda stand) for the professionalism, hospitality and friendliness (the prize of the "lever in the rock" is spectacular), theMaison de Vie hotels andFarmhouse Poggio Caminata for recharging our batteries, Photo Fermi for all the shots of the days.

Good road to all and remember that "Roads are made for travel, not for destinations" (Confucius).

We used: Leatherwear O'Neal, Boots Alpinestars, Backpack Enduristan, helmet Arai Tour-X4. Photo and Video Credits: Fabio Capone - Photo Fermi.


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