New Honda NT1100: features and information

Honda's first 'touring-crossover' is born. The NT1100 uses the heart of the CRF1100L Africa Twin as a starting point for comfort, high performance, agility and fun.

New Honda NT1100 crossover dct maxienduro touring
New Honda NT1100

The Honda NT1100 opens a new era of Touring: a motorcycle with which to grind kilometers with safety, comfort and fun, both in everyday driving and during weekend itineraries or on vacation, even with a passenger and fully loaded.

Many motorcyclists today want performance, handling, comfort on the road and a complete technological equipment, but not necessarily linked to the image adventure of the modern maxienduro. That's why Honda has given life to its new 'crossover touring', the NT1100.

New Honda NT1100 crossover dct maxienduro touring
New Honda NT1100

Content index

  1. Main features
  2. Aesthetics and equipment
  3. Frame and chassis
  4. Engine and performance
  5. DCT gearbox
  6. Electronics and infotainment

Handy, fun, complete in equipment, and equipped with the best management technologies electronics and connectivity, the new NT1100 was created for those who loved this type of in the past motorcycle Honda (like Deauville and Pan European) and for all motorcyclists who love the motorbike tourism to experience riding a complete motorcycle, attractive in look, fast and fun to ride.

New Honda NT1100 crossover dct maxienduro touring
New Honda NT1100 - Display

Main features

  • Elegant style that offers excellent aerodynamic protection and comfort even over long distances
  • Engaging parallel twin engine of 1.084 cc with 102 HP and 104 Nm
  • Extended travel suspension with 43mm diameter Showa SFF-BP fork and shock absorber with hydraulic preload knob adjustment
  • Complete standard equipment with side cases, heated grips, cruise control and center stand
  • Comfort and high aerodynamic protection thanks to the 5-position adjustable windshield and upper and lower deflectors
  • Sophisticated on-board electronics with 3 preset and 2 fully customizable Riding Modes, HSTC traction control and antiwheelie system
  • Dashboard with 6,5-inch TFT touch screen and Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto® and Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Available both in the version with traditional manual gearbox and with the sophisticated 6-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) gearbox
New Honda NT1100 crossover dct maxienduro touring
New Honda NT1100

Aesthetics and equipment

Available in three color variants - Matte Iridium Gray Metallic, Pearl Glare White and Graphite Black - it boasts an elegant, sophisticated yet discreet style, characterized by great aerodynamic efficiency and a riding position designed to be able to spend many hours in the saddle. The windshield is adjustable in 5 positions and the presence of deflectors on the fairing and on the fairing maximizes the aerodynamic protection. The practicality is maximum thanks to the side cases, the heated grips, the central stand, the cruise control and the USB and ACC sockets, all standard. The lights are full-LED and with automatic DRL system, in addition, the direction indicators provide for automatic deactivation and the flashing function for emergency braking signaling. The saddle is placed at 820 mm from the ground to allow you to place your feet firmly on the ground.

New Honda NT1100 crossover dct maxienduro touring
New Honda NT1100

Frame and chassis

The semi-double cradle steel frame, with aluminum seat post, is associated with suspension with increased travel (150 mm), with Showa SFF-BP fork and shock absorber both adjustable in spring preload (hydraulic, with knob, at the rear) . The chassis geometries are based on maximum efficiency on the road, with a relatively short wheelbase and an agile front end which also guarantees stability at high speed. The brakes are powerful and always modular, with radial calipers with 4 pistons on 310 mm discs at the front. The tires measure 120 / 70-17 ”and 180 / 55-17”.

New Honda NT1100 crossover dct maxienduro touring
New Honda NT1100

Engine and performance

There is certainly no lack of fun and driving pleasure on the new NT1100 'touring-crossover'. The engine develops a maximum power of 102 HP and a maximum torque of 104 Nm, with a specific tuning of the intake and exhaust that makes acceleration and pick-up super smooth, and the sound very personal. But the excellent performance does not come at the expense of fuel efficiency, equal to 20 km / l in the medium cycle, for a range of 400 km thanks to the 20-liter tank.

New Honda NT1100 crossover dct maxienduro touring
New Honda NT1100

DCT gearbox

Honda has sold over 200.000 motorcycles equipped with DCT dual clutch gearbox, testifying to the public appreciation of motorcyclists for this unique technology that only Honda offers in the motorcycle field. Therefore, a DCT version could not be missing also for the new NT1100 which, surely, will receive the majority of the preferences of the buying public.

Electronics and infotainment

The electronic package is complete and state-of-the-art. The dashboard features a touch screen 6,5 ”color TFT with Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto® and Bluetooth® connectivity. The throttle control is Throttle by Wire and the engine management offers 3 preset Riding Modes (TOUR, URBAN, RAIN) and 2 fully customizable, including the levels of HSTC traction control andantiwheelies.