Honda CRF 250 Rally - Test and Review

"It makes all maxi-enduro riders smile, but you should see their faces when they are overtaken by just over six thousand euros of motorcycles"

crf 250 rally transitalia marathon fmi denispro

Off-road test of the Honda CRF 250 Rally: small, large, agile, fast, snappy, light, simply tremendous.

It makes all maxi-enduro riders smile, but you should see their faces when they are overtaken by just over six thousand euros of motorcycles.

transitalia marathon fmi denisproThe young CRF 250 Rally, built on the basis of the CRF 250 L, consumes little (30km / L) ha X and it's definitely not a highway rocket, but it's one true small dual, it goes well on the road and even better off-road. Many have already talked about it, for this reason we decided to tell you how it behaved in its kingdom, the dirt roads of the Transitalia marathon, in the hands of Denis Inclined (Denispro) who squeezed and rubbed it mercilessly, and then returned from Pescara to Prato as if it were on a maxi ...

Here is what he told us upon returning:

Aesthetically I find it very beautiful, with the plastics of the harmonious and pleasant hulls. The rally-style windshield with LED lights, one large and one small, which give a lot of white light and are very useful in the dark. The windshield is also excellent as a shelter from the air when traveling at 110/120 km per hour.

The fork is very soft as well as the monoshock. The engine is not very powerful, if compared to the competitors in the race, but effective when needed, especially off-road, keeping it high, above 7000 rpm it is also strong. In my opinion it is a dual in the true sense of the term.

transitalia marathon fmi denisproTo make it conform to my driving style I have done the following changes. 1) replaced the monoshock with an Ohlins S46HR1C1. 2) For the forks Tiziano Monti he replaced everything, pumping elements, springs, etc., with an Andreani kit, studied ad hoc (they are the first forks of the rally, therefore still under development). 3) I changed the footpegs, with a pair in increased ergal as I had on the enduro to drive better off-road. 4) The clutch and front brake levers are in break-proof ergal. 5) Finally I changed the exhaust complete with collector with a YOSHIMURA RS4. I must say that with these changes the motorcycle it has totally changed, the exhaust gives the engine a few more horsepower, you can hear it both in the low engine revolutions but above all in the highs. The forks and mono now work perfectly, adjusting them according to what I want to do, off-road or road.

In off-road driving I have now come to really take it to the limit and to be able to trust me to go really fast, because I know it doesn't betray.

I conclude by saying that the bike is now really perfect. The only drawback, to be picky, is the engine, which if it were at least a 350cc would certainly be better.

Denis Propenso (Denispro)

Biography on the Rider: 41 years old, from Prato, textile craftsman by profession (knot to be exact!). Motorcyclist and above all enduro rider since childhood. Practice off-road in all its forms, from bicycles, motorcycles to cars. Protagonist of numerous motorcycle rides and expert on the extreme routes of the Calvana Hills.

With the'Honda CFR 250 Rally participated in the following events: Darty Track, Rally of Umbria, the Via del Cinghiale and the Transitalia marathon.

transitalia marathon fmi denispro