Honda CBR500R more and more performing

The Honda CBR500R has redefined and relaunched the segment of entry level super sports cars, transferring the engineering DNA of the CBR with multi-split engine to the Honda twin-cylinder range.


The full power (500 kW, 35 hp) Honda CBR48R Super Sport dedicated to A2 license holders is inspired by the Fireblade look.

Aggressive and aerodynamic, with a sporty driving position, it has an engine that delivers sustained torque and power at low to medium revs and is equipped with an assisted slipper clutch. The instrumentation is backlit LCD and the lights are Full-LED, including the direction indicators.

For 2021 the CBR500R is Euro5 approved and the logos on the fairing have been restyled.

Ideal for motorcyclists coming from one motorcycle of smaller displacement, it is also very popular with expert riders looking for an agile and fun bike - thanks also to the engine designed to run close to the 'red zone' - and characterized by low running costs and super reliability.

The CBR500R has made itself known over the years as a fast, bright, affordable and fun bike. In 2016 it was renewed in style, adopted full LED headlights and received some improvements to the front suspension.

For 2021 the CBR500R is Euro5 homologated and is recognizable by a touch-up in the style of the logos on the fairing.

Model overview

In 2019 the CBR500R evolved into an aggressive super sports car look. The ergonomics of the design and its aerodynamics allow you to make the most of this small superbike. The handlebars are mounted under the upper steering plate, giving an effective driving position in sporty driving.
With a maximum output of 48hp (35kW) to enable driving with an A2 license, the engine has valve timing and intake and exhaust ports designed to deliver consistent torque and power at low to mid-range speeds. The dual-outlet tailpipe delivers a dark and thrilling sound and the engine is equipped with a slipper assist clutch.
The frame is made of steel and the rear shock absorber guarantees effective performance and great control of the bike in any situation.

Main features

• Aggressive lines with dual full-LED headlights for a gritty look
• Maximum aerodynamics and comfortable ergonomics
• Handlebars fixed under the steering plate for a true sports riding position
• LCD display with shift-up indicator for gear shifting and gear engaged indicator.
• Full-LED lights including direction indicators

The fairing of the CBR500R is aggressive, thanks to strong, sharp lines and an extended lower part to emphasize the sense of speed. The rider and passenger seats - along with the top and side portions of the fairing - are narrowed to improve ergonomics and offer great freedom of movement. The finely sculpted dual Full-LED headlights stare menacingly at the road and the LED position indicators form a homogeneous whole.

Once in the saddle of the CBR500R, the super sports sensations are immediate. The handlebars fixed below the steering plate offer a forward tilted riding position and the fairing itself follows a lowered trend, to offer the rider total control of the bike, which is the design concept behind the style renewal, a mantra for Honda's Super Sport range since the 1992 Fireblade.

The LCD instrumentation includes the gear engaged indicator and the Shift Up light, set at 8.750 rpm but adjustable from 5.000 rpm.

The tubular steel frame (35 mm diameter tubes) with diamond structure is light and resistant, calibrated to offer excellent response on all road surfaces. The shape and position of the engine anchor points and the rigidity of the structure help reduce vibrations.

The wheelbase of 1.409mm, combined with a 25,5 ° head angle and a trail of 102mm, ensures agile and safe steering at the same time. The centralization of the masses, with the engine positioned near the swingarm pivot, ensures excellent agility, while the optimal weight distribution guarantees stability. The weight in running order and with a full tank of petrol is 192 kg.

The saddle placed at 789 mm from the ground makes the CBR500R easy to ride, while the riding position, albeit sporty, gives motorcyclists of all sizes a pleasant comfort. The overall dimensions (L x W x H) are 2.081 x 758 x 1.145 mm, with a ground clearance of 130 mm. The fuel tank has a capacity of 17,1 liters and, thanks to extremely low fuel consumption (28,6 km / l in the WMTC medium cycle), guarantees a range of over 480 km.

The 41 mm telescopic fork with adjustable spring preload, with 120 mm travel, offers agile and safe driving at the same time, as well as guaranteeing excellent grip of the front tyre. The single-tube shock absorber (typical of larger segment sports bikes) boasts a large diameter piston and guarantees excellent comfort and stability. Equipped with 5-position spring preload adjustment, it is fixed to the boxed steel swingarm with Pro-Link linkage. The final transmission is a chain 520 mm sealed.

The 17-inch wheels in die-cast aluminum have 6 Y-spokes. The front wheel has a 3,50-inch channel and mounts a 120/70-ZR17 tire; the rear wheel has a 4,50 inch channel and is fitted with a 160/60-ZR17 tire. At the front a 320mm petal-profile disc is driven by a two-piston caliper and at the rear the 240mm disc is driven by a single-piston caliper. ABS is standard.


• Timing of distribution, intake and exhaust designed to deliver full torque and mid-range power
• Sporty sound thanks to the dual-outlet tailpipe
• Slipper assist clutch facilitates upshifts and allows for optimal downshift management

The liquid-cooled 8-valve parallel twin engine of the CBR500R is light, bright, low in fuel consumption and able to adapt to a wide variety of uses, from urban commuting to sporty driving, even on the track.

For the 2019 model the engine was developed to achieve better acceleration by increasing power and torque between 3.000 and 7.000 rpm. The 4% improvement was achieved thanks to a revised valve timing - with valve "closing" earlier by 5 ° - and lift increased by 0,3 mm. The Euro5 engine of the 2021 model maintains these characteristics.

The efficiency of the air flows was also optimized, making them as straight as possible from the airbox to the throttle bodies. The battery was moved away from the rear of the airbox intake duct to allow for a conspicuous flow of air. The exhaust terminal has a double outlet, which improves delivery and sound. Maximum power is 35 kW (48 hp) at 8.600 rpm and torque is 43 Nm at 6.500 rpm.

Bore and stroke measure 67 x 66,8 mm, the compression ratio is 10,7: 1, the crankshaft timing is 180 ° and a primary balance shaft is positioned behind the cylinders, near the center of gravity of the motorcycle. Between the primary and countershaft gears, an intermediate gear drastically reduces noise while the crankshaft cleavers are specially shaped to achieve perfect balance.

The load-bearing motor reinforces the rigidity of the frame, with four anchor points on the head. The double shaft distribution (DOHC) with 4 valves per cylinder uses efficient roller rocker arms, while the valve register using calibrated pads allows the creation of a light and reliable system, with springs with a load designed for the overall reduction of friction, the same goal achieved by the silent chain that controls the distribution and that thanks to the vanadium surface treatment ensures reliability and durability. The intake and exhaust valves have a diameter of 26 and 21,5 mm respectively.

Still with a view to reducing friction, there are streaks on the piston skirt that create interstices in which oil can flow, improving lubrication. Finally, after a nitrocarburizing treatment, the AB1 process is carried out in a salt bath, which creates a protective antioxidant membrane.

The proportion of the triangulation between the crankshaft, primary transmission shaft and countershaft is very similar to that of the Honda 4-cylinder RR super sports series engines, as is the case for the 6-speed gearbox structure, thus allowing the creation of a compact engine in the longitudinal direction. A deep oil sump reduces the movement of the lubricant inside and the powerful pump ensures perfect lubrication, contributing to the extreme reliability of the engine in all conditions.

The base uses thin-walled cylinder liners obtained by centrifugal casting. Particular attention was paid to the internal conformation of the crankcase, in order to drastically reduce the pumping losses that can occur with the 180 ° crank mechanism. Maximum attention from Honda engineers also for the cooling system. The analysis of the liquid flows inside the system allowed to optimize its efficiency and to use a light and small water pump. The 6-speed gearbox of the CBR500R is equipped with an assisted clutch with slipper that reduces the effort to operate the clutch lever and always maintains contact between the ground and the rear wheel even in the event of sudden downshifts.

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