Honda CB500X more and more Adventure

The CB500X - crossover launched in 2013 together with its sisters CB500F (naked) and CBR500R (super sport) - immediately proved to be an excellent entry-level for beginners, but also a fun adventure-bike for expert motorcyclists.

Honda CB500X
Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X the offroad / adventure crossover, high aerodynamic protection, long travel suspension, 19 ″ front wheel and raised handlebar.

The gritty parallel twin engine delivers full-bodied torque and power at low and medium revs and features a slipper assist clutch. Negative backlit LCD instruments and full-LED lights, including turn signals, make the CB500X a premium model.

Updates: for the 2021 introduces tweaks to the graphic and the subframe seat painted red gives it an aesthetic touch reminiscent of the Africa Twin, while homologation is now Euro5.

The compact parallel twin engine offers levels of power and torque that can be exploited by anyone, both beginners and those looking for a motorcycle easy and brilliant with which to start having fun on the bike, both by experienced motorcyclists who, tired of expensive and demanding maxi bikes, want an adventure bike with low running costs, fuel efficient, agile, reliable and, above all, a lot of fun.

The comfortable and upright riding position, the considerable tank capacity and the long-travel suspension give great driving pleasure on any route, making the CB500X also perfect for everyday use as well as weekend excursions. In other words, it is a versatile model, in every sense.

In 2016 it was updated with a larger fuel tank, a more protective windshield, LED headlights, adjustable spring preload fork and adjustable front brake lever. In 2017 it gained the Euro4 homologation.

2019 was the year of maximum evolution for the CB500X. The adventure style became more sophisticated to emphasize the versatility of the model, the engine became more responsive at low and medium revs, the robust chassis gained the 19 "front wheel and the technical and functional equipment was embellished with new effective elements.

For the 2021 they arrive new graphics and seatpost frame painted in red, to give it an aesthetic touch that recalls the Africa Twin, while the homologation is Euro5.


From city traffic to weekend trips, with a pinch of dirt, even on long journeys: the CB500X is ready for any use. The look is slim and the driving position is dominant, thanks to the suspension with increased travel, the effective rear shock absorber, the wide and straight handlebars and the 19 ”front wheel.

With a maximum power of 48hp (35kW) to enable driving with an A2 license, the engine has valve timing and intake and exhaust ports designed to deliver consistent torque and power at low and medium revs. The dual-exit tailpipe gives a dark tone that emphasizes the character of the twin-cylinder, and the clutch is assisted with slipper.

The negative backlit LCD instrument cluster includes the shift-up gearshift light and gear engaged indicator. The direction indicators are LED and the windshield is well extended.

Main features

  • A decisive adventure look and 7 split-spoke wheels
  • Biconical handlebar and excellent steering angle
  • Extended travel suspension and 19 "front wheel
  • LCD display with shift-up indicator for gear shifting and gear engaged indicator.
  • Full-LED lights including LED turn signals

The CB500X was renewed in 2019 in the look with a more decisive “adventure” line. Aerodynamics were rethought to let air flow around the fairing and windshield effectively, improving rider protection from high-speed wind. The profile of the saddle is slender, thanks to a rounded shape that allows the rider to place his feet on the ground with ease. The excellent steering angle allows U-turns in very tight spaces and the straight and raised biconical handlebar offers excellent control in any situation.

The LCD instrumentation includes the gear engaged indicator and the gear indicator Shift ‑ Up, set at 8.750 rpm but adjustable from 5.000 rpm. The tubular support bracket for the windshield also allows the satnav to be easily mounted in front of the rider.

The tubular steel frame (35 mm diameter tubes) with diamond structure is calibrated to offer excellent response on all road surfaces. The shape and position of the engine anchor points and the rigidity of the structure help reduce vibrations.

Wheelbase of 1.443mm, combined with a 27,4 ° head angle and 108mm trail, ensures stable and safe steering. The centralization of the masses, with the engine positioned near the swingarm pivot, ensures excellent agility, while the optimal weight distribution guarantees perfect maneuverability. The weight in running order and with a full tank of petrol is 197 kg.

The seat at 830 mm from the ground makes the CB500X easy to ride, while the neutral riding position gives riders of all sizes pleasant comfort. The ground clearance of 180 mm allows you to overcome even pronounced differences in height. The tank has a capacity of 17,7 liters and, thanks to extremely low fuel consumption (28,6 km / l in the WMTC medium cycle), guarantees a range of 500 km.

The 41 mm telescopic fork with adjustable spring preload has a long travel of 150 mm, as does that of the rear wheel, equal to 135 mm. Dirt roads, potholes and depressions are thus absorbed with great efficiency. The single-tube shock absorber with oversized piston (typical of larger segment motorcycles) ensures efficiency even at full load. Equipped with 5-position spring preload adjustment, it is fixed to the boxed steel swingarm with Pro-Link linkage. The final transmission is a chain 520 mm sealed.

The CB500X features ultra-light 7-spoke split-spoke wheels, with the 19 ”front which, together with the long travel suspension, allow you to tackle even rough roads with a high level of roughness absorption. At the rear there is a large 160/60-R17 tire while at the front a 110/80-R19, both with on / off grooves.

As for the brakes, the front system features a 310 mm floating disc with two-piston calliper, while at the rear a 240 mm disc with single-piston calliper ensures stable braking both when traveling alone and when fully loaded.

The CB500X 2021 is available on the Italian market in the following colors, all with red seatpost frame:

  • Grand Prix Red
  • Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic
  • Pearl Metalloid White


  • Distribution timing, intake and exhaust deliver consistent torque and power at mid-range
  • Immersive sound thanks to the dual-outlet tailpipe
  • The slipper assist clutch facilitates upshifts and allows for optimal management of downshifts

The CB8X's 500-valve liquid-cooled parallel twin engine is light, generous, low in fuel consumption and capable of adapting to a variety of uses, from urban commuting to off-road, weekend outings to long journeys.

For the 2019 model it was developed with the aim of achieving better acceleration by increasing torque and power between 3.000 and 7.000 rpm. The improvement was achieved thanks to a revised valve timing - with valve "shutdown" earlier by 5 ° - and lift increased by 0,3 mm.

The efficiency of the air flows was also optimized, making them as straight as possible from the airbox to the throttle bodies. The battery was moved away from the rear of the airbox intake duct to allow for more airflow. The exhaust terminal has a double outlet, which improves delivery and sound. Maximum power is 35 kW (48 hp) at 8.600 rpm and torque is 43 Nm at 6.500 rpm.

Bore and stroke measure 67 x 66,8 mm, the compression ratio is 10,7: 1, the crankshaft timing is 180 ° and a balancing countershaft is positioned behind the cylinders, near the center of gravity of the bike . Between the primary and countershaft gears, an intermediate gear reduces noise while the crankshaft cleavers are shaped for perfect balance.

The load-bearing motor reinforces the rigidity of the frame, with four anchor points on the head. The 8-valve double-shaft distribution (DOHC) uses efficient roller rocker arms, with springs with a load designed for the overall reduction of friction, while the valve register through calibrated pads is a light and reliable system, the same goal achieved by the silent chain that controls the distribution and that thanks to the vanadium surface treatment ensures reliability and durability. The intake and exhaust valves have a diameter of 26 and 21,5 mm respectively.

Still with a view to reducing friction, there are streaks on the piston skirt that create interstices in which oil can flow, improving lubrication. Finally, after a nitrocarburizing treatment, the AB1 process is carried out in a salt bath, which creates a protective antioxidant membrane.

The engine is longitudinally compact and a deep oil pan reduces the movement of the lubricant, while the powerful oil pump ensures perfect lubrication, contributing to the extreme reliability of the engine in all conditions.

The base uses thin-walled cylinder liners obtained by centrifugal casting. Particular attention was paid to the internal conformation of the crankcase, in order to reduce pumping losses that can occur with the 180 ° crank mechanism. For the cooling system, the analysis of the liquid flows inside the system made it possible to optimize its efficiency and to use a light and small water pump.

The 6-speed gearbox of the CB500X is equipped with an assisted clutch with slipper that reduces the effort to operate the clutch lever and always maintains contact between the ground and the rear wheel even in the event of sudden downshifts.

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