Hevik Safety Vest Light - Little expense, lots of safety

HEVIK proposes SAFETY VEST LIGHT a unisex vest in fluo yellow with reflective inserts to be worn over any type of motorcycle jacket

Hevik Safety Vest Light
Hevik Safety Vest Light

When traveling on the road, especially on two wheels, high visibility is a fundamental aspect for your own safety and that of others.

For this purpose, the HEVIK brand offers SAFETY VEST LIGHT, a unisex vest in fluo yellow with reflective inserts to be worn comfortably over any type of motorcycle jacket.

Let's face it clearly, the jacket from motorcycle with fluorescent inserts they are not always liked by everyone but they are certainly useful for getting noticed on the street, where traffic is increasingly distracted and dangerous. On the other hand, even the reflective vests on sale are often plentiful, "fluttering" and of dubious or poor quality.

SAFETY VEST LIGHT by HEVIK was born precisely to help "get noticed" when traveling by motorbike, from urban everyday life to a longer and more demanding journey, to holidays outside the border: there are already European countries that require you to have a vest like this with you or strongly advise you to wear it. It also allows everyone to continue wearing their favorite garment, whether for motorcycles or for everyday use.

The garment itself is simple and not bulky, easy to store under the saddle or in the bag, but perfectly effective for its purpose: the fluorescent yellow fabric and the large reflective inserts on the chest, shoulders and back make it visible both during the day. both after dusk.

SAFETY VEST LIGHT is available in 3 unisex sizes: S / M, L / XL and XXL / XXXL to adapt to every need and is offered to the public at 34,90 Euros. The garment is certified in accordance with the UNI EN 1150: 2001 standard.

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