Held 4-Touring II jacket and Sarai II pants

Held 4-Touring II jacket and Sarai II trousers: safety, comfort and high visibility at night.

Held 4-Touring II and Sarai II motorcycle touring travel pant jacket
Held 4-Touring II and Sarai II

Held, the German technical clothing brand, offers the 4Touring II jacket and Sarai II trousers for the motorcycle season.

With spring the desire to get on a motorcycle returns, the temperatures rise and together the pleasure of traveling and escaping from everyday life rises.

The two garments have technical characteristics capable of accompanying the motorcyclist during all seasons as both garments are equipped with removable inner lining and various ventilation zippers present, perfectly adaptable, with a few simple moves, at all temperatures, moreover, the lining in mesh guarantees excellent breathability and thermoregulation capacity.

4-Touring II and Sarai II are polyvalent garments made of synthetic materials of great comfort and high resistance able to meet the various needs and requests of the motorcyclist. Technical garments to be used for tourism and / or in the city, but also equipped with a marked sporting elegance that can accompany the wearer on the most varied occasions.

Held 4-Touring II and Sarai II motorcycle touring travel pant jacket
Held 4-Touring II jacket

Really important feature, is the jacket, and the pants are available for both genres (mens e womens) and in many measures who are able to meet the requests and needs of even the plus sizes.

In addition, both the jacket and the trousers are available in sizes for children. for the pleasure of many fathers and mothers who occasionally bring their children around in motorcycle.

Held 4-Touring II and Sarai II motorcycle touring travel pant jacket
Held pants Sarai II

Like all products HELD, are equipped with the Clip-in technology which allows a quick and safe attachment of the garments to each other through small blue internal buckles. Among these, the most important for the safety of the pilot is theeVest Clip-in, vest with electronic airbag made by Hero in collaboration with In & motion, sold separately, equipped with IPS (Intelligent Protection System) technology, able to offer the motorcyclist the highest level of safety and comfort. The eVest Clip-in it can be worn under the 4-Touring II jacket and attaches via the Clip-in system to all other Held jackets equipped with the same quick fit / release technology.

Held e-Vest Clip-in Electronic Airbag
Held e-Vest Clip-in Electronic Airbag

The 4-Touring II jacket is also prepared to accommodate theHeld Light System (HLS), the system a LED lights designed by the German company to make motorcycle trips even safer. It is a solution that can be integrated with this and other items of the new Held catalog. The LED light modules, to be inserted inside the guides provided along the jacket, significantly increase the visibility of motorcyclists in precarious lighting conditions. When traveling at night, in fog or in the rain, HLS technology is a decisive factor in accident prevention.

Held HLS - Extra visibility at night on the bike
Held HLS - Example of system system running on different model

Unlike the reflective strips, which are only capable of reflecting light, the light conductors of the HLS system light up independently (and for a long time thanks to the power supply provided by a power bank) so as to make the motorcyclist visible in every situation.

La 4-Touring II jacket, in different colors and sizes, is on sale at HELD dealers at a price of Euro 249,95 (including VAT). From sizes 5XL and size B4XL, the retail price is € 299,95 (including VAT). The version dedicated to children has a price of € 199,95 (including VAT).

Il Sarai II trousers it is on sale at HELD dealers at a price of Euro 219,95 (including VAT). In sizes ranging from 5XL to 7XL and in size B-4XL the price is € 249,95 (including VAT). In children's sizes the price is € 139,95 (including VAT).