HAT Sestriere Adventourfest 2019

HAT Sestriere Adventourfest, the great event dedicated to the Adventouring world: a successful first edition for the meeting dedicated to tourism-adventure enthusiasts.

HAT Sestriere Adventurefest 2019
HAT Sestriere Adventurefest 2019

The first edition of the HAT Adventourfest just ended was a real success: a perfect mix of test rides, guided tours, lots of dust and exhibitors that made all adventure tourism enthusiasts happy.

The world of knobby wheels has a new capital: Sestriere!

June 28-30, 2019 - As soon as we return from the famous mountain resort, we take off our helmet and stivali thinking about how nice it would be if there were such events at least two or three times a year.

Sestriere, who has been collaborating with the team for some time HAT TV Shows also for the other events of Adventouring (as the San Remo Sestriere to be held next September), hosted the first edition of the HAT Adventourfest: an off-road themed event that had an excellent response from the public, from the participants, and from simply curious or passionate, who arrived from all over Italy even without having never dirty the tires off-road.

Present the major houses in the sector, Motorcycle Guzzi (with an army of V85TT), Honda (with many models in addition to african twin and X-ADV), Suzuki (with the V-Strom XT) e bmw (with the unstoppable F850GS) who did not skimp in proposing their models for the countless free trials following the many expert guides. Looking at the environment, in the most suitable context, the electric alternatives of ZERO Motorcycles. Not even the handymen have gone unnoticed Qooder 400, the maxi scooter 4-wheeled Quadro, with the charming dress "adventure"Steinbock.

The heart of the event, Kandahar square in Sestriere, it was crowded, as well as by the many visitors and stands of the motorcycle manufacturers, also by the official presence of leading brands in the two-wheeled world and in the world adventure: Enduristan for the strongest bags on the market, LS2 Helmets, Garmin, Event increasingly at the forefront of tires adventure and winter, OJ, T.UR the new brand dedicated to Tucano Urbano's adventure.

The most adventurous riders attended the event "in motion beyond the clouds“, Tour of Over2000 Riders, now in its seventh edition, which proposes itineraries on the most incredible dirt roads for about 700 km of former military and civil roads, among the peaks of the Susa Valley and Val Chisone. The test-rides and guided tours were all coordinated and managed on the weekend from 15 AICS expert off-road guides belonging to Moon base, the Piedmontese association of the Civil Protection specialized in motorcycle events, always present at the signed events HAT Series.

HAT rhymes not only with off road, but also with HEART (heart) and le beneficial activities: in fact the merchandising used by the staff is produced by "Throttle" a new reality that offers “stylish” clothing on two wheels, with the collaboration of the former prisoners of the prison of Busto Arsizio. An important project to give work to some inmates in order to make up for the chronic lack of job offers for those behind bars or for those who have difficulty in entering after having served their sentence.

HAT SERIES - Corrado Capra and Nicola Poggio

The public has learned and is therefore learning about the values that HAT tries to transmit through theadventure and motorcycle tourism or adventure tourism: friendship, joviality, “piece” and good food (Cit. Lele Villantieri). And when we talk about dowel we are not necessarily talking about extreme off-road bikes but about the commitment of Corrado Capra, Nicholas Poggio and all the HAT team in bringing beginners and non-beginners closer to a world away from traffic, accessible to all and simply exciting (ed).

In fact, in directing we found many competent and professional people, including the legendary one Nicola Dutt and his team, always present among the stands to welcome everyone with a smile and ready to dispel any doubt or fear about this splendid two-wheeled reality. The more you returned to base camp soiled with mud and dust, the more their faces lit up with satisfaction, because they knew, from our super-excited children's smile, that we had enjoyed ourselves, but really a lot!

There are therefore really numerous reasons that have contributed to the success of this event and that make it Sestriere one of a kind, that's why we defined it capital ofAdventouring. Because it is easily accessible, because the state road 23 that takes you up from the ring road is a tribute to the motorcyclist: a soft and wide road that can be driven while appreciating the view. Because Sestriere is surrounded by Strade Bianche, more or less within everyone's reach and because local authorities have taken this initiative to heart, sensing its potential, and allowing us to play in this splendid amusement park.

See you in 2020 with the second edition of the HAT Sestriere Adventourfest, from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 June. Now you have no more excuses to miss!


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Ph. Credits (Giovanni Oriani - HAT Series - Stefania Galli Communication).