Harley Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary

Limited Edition Fat Boy to celebrate a style icon that made history and Harley Davidson all over the world.

Harley Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary
Harley Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary

30th anniversary of the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy: in limited edition the iconic bike powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine.

Only 2.500 copies will be produced, each serialized with a plate placed on the tank console.

“The Fat Boy® took its look, shape and proportions from the 1949 Hydra Glide, but was completely modernized for a new generation of riders "- explains Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson® Vice President of Styling and Design - “These riders appreciate the post-war design that is part of our DNA, but are also attracted to the simplicity of the contemporary industrial style. Both elements were already merged into the 2018 version of the Fat Boy®. For this new limited edition that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Fat Boy®, we wanted to create something truly special by opting for a dark, limited-edition look to make the motorcycle truly unique and exclusive ".

1Fat Boy® 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

Harley Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary
Harley Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary

The Fat Boy® 30th Anniversary celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the original model with a bold reinterpretation featuring dark finishes and a single-color Vivid Black option. Lakester cast aluminum rims have a Satin Black finish.

The Milwaukee-Eight 114 powertrain it is finished with glossy black engine covers and bronze colored lower rocker covers. The tailpipes are finished in Black Onyx, a very resistant vapor paint treatment, which reveals the underlying chrome in bright light.

To complete the scratchy total black look, the nacelle headlight, the handlebars and the controls are all Vivid Black, unlike the original model. To embellish the black finish, the new "Fat Boy" logo bronze on the tank and other bronze details distinguish the Fat Boy® limited edition from the original model.

Based on the Softail family® completely revised in 2018, the Fat Boy® redefines an icon in terms of power and character. The front end it is impressive and features LED lights in a new and ergonomic outer shell of the headlight. The Lakester rims in machined die-cast aluminum update the distinctive Fat Boy® style. The front tire of 160 mm it is combined with the 240 mm rear one for a factory custom industrial look.

Softail structure and suspension combine to form a stiff yet lightweight frame offer agility and performance that will exceed the expectations of the most demanding riders.

 La suspension mono-shock rear preserves the hard lines of the Softail frame and places a single shock absorber under the saddle at an optimal angle for a smooth ride and exceptional handling. The adjustment of the hydraulic preload is carried out simply by turning a knob located under the saddle, making the adjustment practical even while racing.

Il Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine, the most powerful powertrain for the Softail range, delivers inspiring performance together to the unmistakable Harley-Davidson® sound. The engine block mounted to the frame further improves the rigidity of the frame itself. Balancing countershafts reduce vibrations to a minimum.

The base price for the Fat Boy® 114 Limited Edition 30th Anniversary is € 26.500 *.

2Birth of an Icon

Harley Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary
Harley Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary

Introduced as a 1990 Model Year, the original Fat Boy was designed by legendary Harley-Davidson stylists Willie G. Davidson and Louie Netz and combines fresh, contemporary styling with classic Harley-Davidson imprint®. To achieve a tailor-made "custom-made" effect, the bike was finished in monochromatic Fine Silver Metallic powder coated also on the aluminum rims, which would become the distinctive feature of the Fat Boy.®. The look was massive for that time, from the chunky front tire covered by a trimmed fender to the wide handlebar and a seven-inch headlamp in a huge chrome housing perched atop a sleek, massive, glossy front fork. Davidson designed the winged logo on the tank, still today the emblem of the Fat Boy model.

In 1991 the Fat Boy® entered the collective imagination with the film "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", in which Arnold Schwarzenegger drives a Fat Boy® all over Los Angeles, in a spectacular chase. The film was a worldwide success, making the Fat Boy model® a true icon of the Harley-Davidson brand® in many markets, especially in Europe.

3About the name

Harley-Davidson only® he could have called a bike "Fat Boy". Here is the origin of the name, according to a story by Willie G. Davidson taken from his book "100 Years of Harley Davidson"

“You are probably wondering how we came up with the name 'Fat Boy®". I have heard many stories about this, almost all of which are false. Here's the real story: It's hard to find names that will become popular on the street. We always have to ask ourselves: "What will the street call it?" And start from there. We were looking for something unusual and maybe even a little irreverent, because from time to time there is something beautiful about making fun of your products. For me and for many others in the company who had seen it, the bike had a "fat" look. So the marketers came up with the name “Fat Boy®"- and the street welcomed him."

The style of the Fat Boy® was updated regularly until 2018 when a brand new Fat Boy model was launched® with reinvented Softail frame, powered by the Milwaukee-Eight engine. The current Fat Boy model® accentuates all its hallmarks, from the aluminum rims to the huge headlight. Fat Boy® remains one of the most impressive bikes in the Harley-Davidson portfolio®.

For more information visit the website of Harley Davidson Italy.