Harley-Davidson supports Android Auto

Android Auto will be supported on all Harley-Davidson Touring models thanks to the recent agreement between Google and Harley-Davidson.

Google Harley-Davidson Android Auto
Google Android Auto for Harley-Davidson Touring models

Google and Harley-Davidson together: Android Auto will be supported by all Touring HD models equipped with the Infotainment Boom! GTS box.

Harley-Davidson® is the first motorcycle manufacturer to announce the compatibility of Android Auto with an infotainment system on board. Harley-Davidson® plans to make Android Auto available with a software update for Boom! Box GTS in early summer 2020 and will be standard on all 2021 Harley-Davidson®, Touring, CVO ™ and Trike models equipped with the Boom! ™ Box GTS system.

With Android Auto, Harley-Davidson® riders will be able to access their favorite smartphone apps via the Boom! ™ Box GTS connected via cable to a compatible Android smartphone, to make the use of communication and navigation apps easier and safer. like Google Maps ™ also on the road. Thanks to the Google ™ voice assistant available on Android Auto, riders can give voice commands, thus avoiding getting distracted.

You can enable Android Auto on your Harley-Davidson® on your own, by updating the infotainment system to the Boom! ™ Box GTS via USB update, or through the support of an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer.
The Boom! ™ Box GTS system can also be installed on most Harley-Davidson® models from 2014 onwards: Touring, Trike and CVO originally equipped with the Boom! ™ Box 6.5GT System.

The Boom! ™ Box GTS system features a modern look and offers the highest functionality found in the latest mobile and tablet devices combined with specific features required for use in motorcycle. The 6,5-inch Boom! ™ Box GTS full-screen display has the sleek, modern look of the latest premium automotive tablet and display devices. The durable, scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® touch-screen surface is the same as used on billions of mobile devices around the world.

Boom! ™ Box GTS ensures compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay® (Apple CarPlay functionality requires optional use of Harley-Davidson® headphones (Genuine Motor Accessories) and can project phone functions onto the screen, including streaming, weather and traffic, so riders can enjoy rest times and use familiar features installed on their phone. The Harley-Davidson App helps riders make the most of their time on the road with features including routes recommendations, route planning, route recording and the ability to find Harley-Davidson dealerships, fuel stations, hotels, restaurants, motorcycle events and other attractions.

For information on the Harley-Davidson® product range visit www.hd.com