GTS-Airbag the super technical travel jacket by Clover

Clover GTS the technical travel jacket, waterproof, warm, breathable at an unbeatable price.

clover gts travel jacket

Here is the new CLOVER GTS (with preparation for AIRBAG), the technical travel jacket presented in preview at EICMA, a prestigious garment now in its 4th version, called by the company to bring its key concepts to the fore: innovation and continuity.

Among the major innovations, apart from the obvious ones such as greater ventilation and increased load capacity, are under the fabric.

Appreciated and worn by many motorbike-travelers, tested during three tours of the world, the GTS touring jacket in version "4" is presented to the public of the Milan Motor Show, in a man and woman version, with a valuable update to the line. without changing it, however, and with the introduction of new and revolutionary technical concepts. The range also includes the dedicated “GTS-4 Pants”.

The garment is a traditional three-layer, but the outermost fabric is here coupled to a membrane that greatly reduces the penetration of water, normally blocked only by the removable internal waterproof layer. In other words, Clover made the outer fabric waterproof.

Even under the strongest downpour the jacket keeps a good part of the underlying membrane dry, a true barrier to water, lightening its workload and above all preventing it from being completely covered with water.

Situation that leads to the closure of its pores from which sweat escapes and therefore to the ineffectiveness of the membrane as an element of perspiration precisely when the need to feel dry and at ease is most felt.

clover gts down jacketThere are other positive factors resulting from the adoption of this new outer fabric: since it does not absorb water, it tends to dry even faster and above all reaches a softness never encountered on a garment of this level of safety.

The news related to the construction of the GTS-4 did not end there: the internal thermal part is now detachable and once turned over it can be used independently as a synthetic down jacket for walking, excellent for evening outings after the day in motorcycle.

It is important to highlight that all these innovations, the result of two years of research, do not increase the cost of the jacket which remains unchanged compared to the previous version, equal to Euro 419.

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