GSX-R Racing Academy registrations are open

The calendar includes five events, which will be held at the Misano World Circuit and at the Mugello circuit.

GSX-R Academy 2021 riding school
GSX-R Academy 2021

From today it is possible to enroll in the 2021 courses of the new Suzuki track sports driving school dedicated to the GSX-R range.

The calendar includes five events, which will be held on two of the most famous and spectacular Italian circuits: the Misano World Circuit and the Mugello Circuit. Participants in the Racing Academy will be able to use their GSX-R or rent one of the organization, which can also provide the necessary technical clothing.

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The adventure of the GSX-R Racing Academy has officially begun. From today it is possible to enroll in the new Suzuki track driving school entirely dedicated to GSX-R range. With the GSX-R Racing Academy, the House of Hamamatsu offers the countless fans of the glorious GSX-R lineage and sports enthusiasts the opportunity to improve their riding technique and their ability to control the motorcycle. Flanked by expert and qualified instructors, motorcyclists will be able to learn the tricks of fast driving by turning between the curbs of two of the most famous and spectacular Italian circuits, the Mugello Circuit and the Misano World Circuit.

GSX-R, the essence of sportsmanship

The Suzuki GSX-R has embodied the essence of sportiness on two wheels for over 35 years: the models that have alternated in the catalog have been able to reap countless successes in competitions while at the same time being docile in road use. To fully exploit the potential of a GSX-R it has always been necessary to go to the track but in this context it is now more than ever essential to have specific preparation, in light of the power escalation that has occurred in recent years, accompanied by the entry into the equipment of series of sophisticated electronic systems.

The current GSX-R1000R it is the synthesis of this evolutionary process and until a few years ago its performance was only the prerogative of racing bikes. Its engine is capable of 202 cv and has 117,6 Nm of couple, ready to go wild when you intervene on the ride-by-wire throttle. The latter also dialogues with the Motion Track TCS (Traction Control System), adjustable on 10 levels and managed by the ECU according to the data recorded by the inertial platform, which records the movements of the motorcycle on the six directions of the three spatial axes. ABS also has a cornering function, which modulates braking taking into account any inclination of the bike when cornering. In the cycling department, a Showa BFF fork with a lightened top plate and a frame equipped with a special slot that allows you to move the pivot of the swingarm in order to obtain a perfect set-up of the suspension stand out. Finally, the GSX-R1000R is also equipped with Launch Control e Bidirectional Quick Shift.

A school for everyone

With the GSX-R Racing Academy Suzuki is aimed at enthusiasts of all kinds, regardless of whether they already own a GSX-R or wish to become one in the future. The school is ready to welcome those who want to move the first ones passivated on the track in absolute safety and in a controlled environment, as well as those who already have experience and want to perfect their style and discover some secrets to make their guide perfect for any occasion.

The GSX-R Racing Academy foresees no more than eight participants for each appointment and guarantees the presence of an instructor for every two students. This allows the creation of homogeneous pairs and the establishment of a more direct relationship with the instructor, for a more effective teaching.

The course

After the welcome of the members, their dressing and a first introductory speech, the typical day of the GSX-R Racing Academy includes theoretical sessions alternating with five rounds on the track of twenty minutes each. This solution is ideal for getting the most out of both learning and fun. The briefings will deal with topics such as safety and behavior and the driving position to be kept on the track as well as the correct trajectories, with a focus on the technological devices present on the GSX-R1000R. During the stops there is a systematic analysis of the laps made on the track, the instructor will sometimes be on the track as a forerunner on other occasions instead he will closely follow each student in order to provide them with the right information.

Participants will have a hospitality facility available at any time, where they can relax, refresh themselves and spend time in the company of the other students, spending a day full of passion for two wheels.

The GSX-R Racing Academy 2021 calendar

The GSX-R Racing Academy calendar includes five appointments, which will be held on two of the most famous and spectacular Italian circuits: the Misano World Circuit and the Mugello Circuit.

6nd June Mugello racetrack
18 July Mugello racetrack
August 2th Misano World Circuit
September (to be defined) Mugello racetrack
17 October Mugello racetrack

To each his own formula

The GSX-R Racing Academy gives participants the freedom to choose their preferred formula. You can opt for a complete package, which includes the course and the rental of the motorbike and all the necessary clothing. Alternatively, the Academy can be carried out with your own equipment and riding your GSX-R.

  1. If you show up with your own GSX-R (displacement from 600cc to 1.000cc, year from 2000 onwards), the motorcycle must be suitable for track activities, i.e. fully functional and with sports tires in perfect condition. The cost will be € 650.
  2. If you decide to rent one of the GSX-R1000R in the race version, therefore specially prepared for use on the track, the cost will be € 1.350.

To ensure that the course runs smoothly, the number of participants is limited to 8 per day. One instructor for every two participants will be guaranteed. Those who have a motorbike but do not have technical clothing can possibly also rent the equipment alone, with a daily cost of 180 euros.

How to participate? Joining the GSX-R Racing Academy is simple. Just access the dedicated ACADEMY section of the website and send an email by clicking on the following link.

Technical partners

The GSX-R Racing Academy counts on the support of some partners including:

  • Arrow Special Parts - supplier of special parts
  • Spider Racing - supplier of special parts
  • Texsport - clothing supplier for instructors and participants (with racing service in the paddock for leather suits)
  • PT33 - clothing supplier for instructors and participants (with racing service in the paddock for boots and gloves)
  • Arai Europe Ber Racing - supplier of helmets of the instructors
  • Dunlop - official tire supplier for instructor and rental motorcycles
  • Caffè Mazzoni - food and drink supplier with free material