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Airoh Helmet the Italian brand manufacturer of helmets at the forefront of safety with road integrals: GP550S, ST.501 and SPARK

Airoh Helmet - Antonio Locatelli
Airoh Helmet - Antonio Locatelli CEO

Airoh Helmet (Locatelli SpA), the well-known Italian brand manufacturer of helmets, has always been at the forefront of safety and more.

We interviewed directly Antonio Locatelli, founder, CEO and passionate motorcyclist.

In these days of lockdown, due to the pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we used our social channels to interview and talk with the players of the Italian motorcycle market: from companies to tour operators, from riders to federal instructors.

In the hour spent on Instagram, we had the opportunity to have a "chat" with a great entrepreneur, who in 1986 he “tried his luck” giving life to his company (Antonio Innovation Research Of Helmet). Lady luck was certainly attracted to Locatelli's passion and vision, but they were there determination andambition to make a difference. The modernly organized factory in the province of Bergamo has a clear meaning of welfare and there are neither workers nor employees, only collaborators. The fruit of this commitment and this mentality has allowed Airoh Helmet to be today one of the very few Italian producers of helmets and one of the best known and most popular in the world.

In this sad parenthesis of our history, it is also necessary to underline that Antonio Locatelli has also financially supported thehospital closest to the headquarters, which, we recall, is located in the province hardest hit by the emergency.

1Safety in mind

At the center of the research and innovation (department that has never stopped in this period) is there safety, which does not stop at the homologation requirements but always remains a few steps above. I am indeed many pilots of every category and discipline who rely on Airoh to protect their heads and who act as testers all year round. It is they, the ones who spend hundreds of hours with the helmet on, who provide the most important feedback on the products.

Airoh's helmets are therefore the mirror of the hearts and minds of those who work in the Almenno San Bartolomeo plant (the only one in Italy with wind tunnel own). In particular, it is necessary to highlight the line dedicated to enduro and motocross, which can boast (among the many victories) of nine world titles of national pride, Tony Cairoli. But it is also on the road that Airoh proves its value, both in the top-of-the-range models and in all other products.

2GP 550 S

AIROH GP550S Venom White
AIROH GP550S Venom White

Il GP 550 S it has been equipped with two rear extractors to improve aerodynamic flows, latest generation interiors with AEFR (Airoh Emergency Fast Release) system for quick removal of the cheek pads in an emergency. A helmet designed for speed champions and performing in all its features: three different shell sizes made of HPC (High Performance Composite), 2D racing visor with quick release, an optimal ventilation system with 8 air intakes, predisposition for mounting the Tear-Off, Pinlock lens included and Stop Wind, which limits the penetration of cold from the bottom and reduces internal noise. Prices range from € 379,99 to € 439,99.


ST501 BLADE Red Gloss
ST501 BLADE Red Gloss

ST.501 is Airoh's full-face helmet dedicated to touring and sports use, with a strong racing soul. The outer shell in HPC (High Performance Composite) is available in 2 different sizes, a set of EPS with variable density for the inner one guarantees maximum shock absorption and high safety standards at a low weight. The ventilation system ensures excellent internal air conditioning even in the hottest months and the large quick-release visor allows maximum control over every detail. Offering the rider a wider field of view, along with the ability to easily spot obstacles and other road users. The price of ST.501 Blade Red Gloss is € 299,99.



SPARK on the other hand, it is Airoh's new full-face helmet in HRT (High Resistant Thermoplastic), which with its streamlined and slender lines is suitable for any use on the road. Developed on 2 different outer shell sizes, it is equipped with Extra-Wide Visor, integrated Sun Screen Visor and Bluetooth-Ready. Stop Wind and Pinlock complete the equipment of a helmet with top-of-the-range features. Prices range from € 179,99 to € 239,99.

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