GIVI for Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

GIVI is ready for the new Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports with a very rich set of suitcases, bags and dedicated accessories.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports with GIVI accessories
Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports with GIVI accessories

Givi, the leading Italian company for accessories and travel luggage, was not long in coming: the entire range of products dedicated to the new Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports was ready to make it even more versatile.

The number of accessories aftermarket products for the versions that followed one another, from the 750 in 1990, to the CRF1000L from 2016 to the 1100 DCT of today, probably represents a commitment for the Brescia brand that cannot be found on other models.

For the imposing and more protective Sport, driving comfort plays a fundamental role, a topic to which it is linked GIVI offering a set of accessories that focus on constructive quality, “compatible” design and the possibility of creating different set-ups, chosen according to the type of trip planned.


Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports with trekker outback by GIVI
Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports with trekker outback by GIVI

GIVI essentially aims at combinations with top cases and side cases with different internal capacities, belonging to the “Trekker” family. The squared lines in aluminum are the masters but there is no lack of alternatives. Here is the list of specific attacks.

  • The SR1178 rear attachment (72,00 euros) allows the mounting of MONOKEY cases (but also MONOLOCK); it will be combined with the appropriate support plate chosen by the user (for the MONOKEY top cases the M5, M7 in nylon or the M8A, M8B, M9A or M9B in aluminum are available; for the MONOLOCK models the M5M or M6M). Later, the user can also opt for the EX2M alternative, a well-made aluminum luggage rack suitable for holding roller bags.
  • For the assembly of the side cases, GIVI uses 3 specific attachment kits, all based on the new PL ONE FIT system, configurable and made with 18 mm diameter tubing. The PLO1178MK model (€ 199,49) is designed for the MONOKEY range cases (for example the Trekker, the Trekker II 35 or the Alaska). The PLO1178CAM model (218,00 euros) allows the assembly of MONOKEY CAM-SIDE aluminum cases (the Trekker Outback). The PLO1178N (€ 171,00) is a “neutral” PL ONE-FIT. Basically it forms the basis for further “mini kits” which in turn allow you to use Monokey or Monokey Cam Side cases.
  • For Africa Twin GIVI has created a dedicated tank bag, with a profile that follows that of the motorcycle and that does not interfere with the steering. It's called XS320 Tanklock (148,00 euros), so it uses the flange attachment system to the fuel cap. The flange to match is the BF25 (€ 14,50).


For this brand new version of the Africa Twin, GIVI has currently developed two fairings, a two-section engine guard, an extension for the standard handguards and a rear mud flap kit.

  • The D1178ST (€ 85,50) is the specific transparent model with measures 58,5 x 41,5 cm (H x W). It mounts in place of the original screen and offers greater protection against the air (5 cm higher). Same assembly method for the smoked model D1178B (70,50 euros), low and sporty. The measurements are 37 x 36 cm (H x W).
  • TN1178 (189,00 euros) is the specific tubular paramotor to protect the lower part of the engine. The TNH1178 (in defin.) Protects the upper area, on the sides of the radiator (it can only be mounted in combination with the previous one). The structure, for both is in black and with 25 mm tubular. On the high engine guard it is possible to fix a pair of additional GIVI S310 or S322 led spotlights.
  • EH1178 (in defin.) Is the abbreviation of the extension in fumé plexiglass for original handguards.
  • RM1178KIT (77,99 euros) is the specific set that allows you to mount the universal RM02 splash guard on the rear wheel pin.


Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports - Accessories mix by GIVI
Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports - Accessories mix by GIVI

Further proposals capable of making a challenging journey more comfortable. There is no shortage of solutions for fixing a GPS or smartphone holder on board.

  • TL1178KIT (€ 47,49) allows you to fix the Tool Box S250 (tool box) inside one of the listed side case holders.
  • ES1178 (38,00 euros) widens the support surface of the original side stand. It is a specific support produced in aluminum and stainless steel.
  • FB1178 (in defin.) Is a crossbar. It is mounted behind the fairing and supports all GPS-smartphone holders in the GIVI catalog.
  • 05SKIT (7,50 euros) the specific screws to mount on the dashboard the universal Smart Bar S900A device holder, or the Smart Mount S901A (dedicated to GIVI mounts for all Garmin Zumo GPS and TomTom Rider).
  • 01VKIT (5,50 euros) specific screws to mount the Smart Mount RC S903A (additional support for GIVI smartphone holders) on the right side oil pan.

For more information, visit GIVI.IT

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