From Rome to Rome: "Around Italy and back"

From Rome to Rome: the motorcycle trip around Italy, inside the scents, among the people, through the flavors of our splendid land. Here are the first 10 days of Gio.

Naples Giro Italia by motorbike
From Rome to Rome - Naples

Giro d'Italia by motorbike, but not a simple tour, but a real "circumnavigation" of the boot along the coast of the most beautiful country in the world.

Gio Sorrentino, in the saddle of his Royal Enfield, tells us about the first 10 days of this journey among the state roads, among the Italians, among the countries and flavors that make our “boot” the most envied ever.

1Rome Naples Scalea

Scalea Giro Italia by motorbike

Rome 08:30 am on 1 August 2020, I'm in the garage where I set up the motorcycleand The Red. A Royal Enfield GT continental 535. Side cases full of any spare parts and tools.
Inner tubes, oil, grease, light bulbs, rubber bands, wrenches, electrical tape and a couple of holy cards from the various shrines shot by my Mother, you never know. A nice bag behind me, open helmet and off to Naples!

Travel rules: no motorways, cruising speed 90 km / h. and at most, after two and a half hours of walking, a stop of one hour.

The heat hits hard, the road flows without particular glimpses, if not that of the imposing Vesuvius when I arrive at my destination. I can see myself with some friends and go around the historic center of the city. Then stop in pagans (because I come from there) and night with relatives.

I haven't entered the Journey with my head yet. Still everything is new, but extremely exciting. I meet people along the road, many motorcyclists with whom to share passions, loves, experiences.

In scalea, practically accommodation in the sea. Not even the time to deliver the document in the B & B that immediately sling me into the water. What a show!

I leave early in the morning to land directly at Villa San Giovanni, stopping in the various Pizzo, Vibo, Gioia Tauro to taste sweets and typical local products. The Red starts to look at me in a strange way, as if to say: “If you don't stop eating on my saddle, I won't let you get on it anymore”. We embark from Villa San Giovanni towards Messina and disembark in Sicilia!


Palermo Giro Italia by motorbike
Palermo - Cathedral

"For better or for worse, Sicily is Italy to the superlative." Edmonde Charles Roux

I sleep in Villa Franca. And the next morning I leave with a 54-tooth smile. Millions of curves looking at the sea. And the more you go down, the more you fall in love with this land. During the journey I listen to some music and sometimes I talk on the phone with my colleague in the headquarters in Rome who tells me where to stay.

Il helmet it is a Blessing from heaven. L'Airoh Rev 19 it allows me to travel cool and protected with the chin guard that disappears on the back, and if it rains it goes back to being an integral. Comfortable and versatile.

Stop in Palermo and I meet a friend: Simone, Palermitano Doc of about 30 years that I met on the web thanks to a shared passion: Royal Enfield. He showed up at the Encounter Bar with an immaculate limited edition Bullet! One of the most beautiful bikes ever seen by Royal Enfield. A show. And I discover that he is a tour guide in Palermo!

It is useless to explain to you how nice it was to discover Palermo, on a motorbike and with its companion: a masterpiece of the city told, detail by detail, by a noble, cultured and engaging soul. We drive from Cathedral al Massimo Opera House (where the Godfather filmed), he shows me the most important churches and the most prestigious streets as if I were driving in a novel. We also pass in Via D'Amelio there my heart is tightened. Anguish, terror, anger. TO Mondello we said goodbye, not before a snack based on: panelle, crocchè and pane cà meusa (sandwich with spleen).

Rome Italy tour by motorbikeThe next morning I leave for Erice, a village not to be missed. A pleasant journey with a curvy climb, to first visit the castle of Erice and then the Borghetto between the centuries-old walls. Obviously my religion requires me to taste the typical Sicilian arancina and cannoli, you have no idea!

We leave in the morning in full summer fog to go to Gela where a colleague who, like me, deals with entertainment for children, is waiting for me. Up animation, who first makes me go around the city to see all the most characteristic places and then drops a microphone in my hand in his playroom where I directed a party for 6-year-olds. Fantastic!

From Comiso, the Rossa takes me to the splendid waters of Marina di Ragusa between dives, cuisine and breathtaking landscapes. Two days of pure vacation, but the journey must continue and with a single stage, I grind 350 km in one breath until I leave Sicily: Superlative, romantic, colorful, curious, tasty, unique.

3The journey continues

Calabria Italy tour by motorbike
Salento - Bay of Porto Selvaggio

I am in Calabria now, another land to love. It is the tenth day of travel. The ring road is a nice nostalgic memory. I am in this land full of sun and dialects. He began to climb it after one night in Siderno. Direction Lecce, browsing just a few pages of the Basilicata, I enter in Puglia and still awaits me from Paradise.

I'm happy. Something is transforming and I am sure that soon I will be able to define how it is evolving. We continue the Red and I like a steed and his errant knight to grind kilometers and discover original places, stories, people.

All this is Italy… follow me for the next steps!

Photos and texts by Gio Sorrentino

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