Gin made with Harley-Davidson parts - The Archeologist

From the passion for vintage Harley-Davidsons, to custom and choppers, Uwe Ehinger "The Archelogist" has created a line of Gins using spare parts and motorcycle parts.

A German biker, called the Archaeologist, has united his love for the Harley-Davidson in a special line of gin.

Uwe Ehinger, nicknamed "The Archaeologist" (The Archaeologist), he has spent most of his life rummaging through landfills and flea markets in search of components, spares and parts motorcycle (Harley) vintage, which he has now decided to exploit in the distillation of his own line of gin.

“Whenever I search for rare bikes, I wonder how to use every single part, because they deserve to be kept,” he said. "This is how the idea of ​​'The Archaeologist' was born: preserving the spirit of the old engines in one 'spirit'(alcoholic) proper and allow you to experience its taste ”.

“The entire product and packaging design recreates the artisanal packaging of Harley-Davidson parts from the 30s and 40s, using unique materials and techniques,” Ehinger explains on his website.

Ehinger makes three different types of gin: Flathead, Panhead, and Knucklehead, each poured onto an engine part from a different Harley-Davidson model inside custom, numbered glass bottles.

The parts used inside each bottle are treated and stored in specially designed containers, capable of keeping the metal and alcohol intact.

The prices of the unusual gin, however, are not exactly for everyone: the bottles in fact cost from 900 to 1.100 euros. But if you own one of his spectacular custom or choppers, I'm sure a bottle can be given free.

Sit back and enjoy the “Archaeologist” video.

SOURCEThe Archaeologist