Gibraltrar Race Boot Edition - The all-Italian adventure

An event with an epic flavor that has just ended in Genoa, the city of departure and arrival of the Gibraltar Race 2021

The pandemic is not enough to stop the legendary Gibraltar Race, the motorcycle race and adventure that this year has crossed the whole of Italy.

An event with an epic flavor that has just ended in Genoa, the city of departure and arrival of the Gibraltar Race 2021 The Boot Edition, which featured riders from all over Europe.

14 days, about 6000 km ON and OFF-road and almost all the Italian regions trampled by the pieces of the participants: Sardegna, Sicilia, Calabria, Basilicata, Campania, Puglia, Molise, Abruzzo, Marche, Umbria, Toscana, Lazio, Emilia Romagna Piedmont and Liguria.

This totally Italian edition took place from 23 June to 8 July and all the rules of safety anti-covid, thanks also to the work of the ever-present medical team who constantly monitored, with great professionalism, the state of health of the pilots and the entire staff.

All projects Gibraltar Race all the motorcycle suitable for on-road and off-road use with a weight of no less than 138 kg. Motorcycles and riders are divided into the following classes:

  • Class 1: including all motorcycles with a displacement greater than 950cc;
  • Class 2: displacement between 601cc and 950cc;
  • Class 3: displacement not exceeding 600cc.

Each driver competes both for the general classification and for the class or category selected at the time of registration, through Selective Session during the course in which waypoints numbered according to their order must be reached and respected times set: any difference, in excess or in defect , involves penalty points.

The scenography of this 2021 edition of the Gibraltar Race was all Italian, as was the podium, as in first place in the general classification we find Gilberto Facco, followed by Mirco Bettini and Paolo Mencaroni.

With his KTM 790 ADV Rally, class 2, Gilberto Facco showed tenacity and great concentration on all days of the race, even in the most difficult moments, accumulating a total of only 856 penalty points which ensured him the highest step of the podium. of the general classification and of the Class 2 classification.

Not least certainly the performance of Mirco Bettini from Rimini, 56 years old, enduro, motorally and Raid TT rider since 1988, who wins the second place overall, with only 395 penalty points more than Facco, on his AJP. PR7 winner of the Class 3 ranking.

With his Husqvarna 701 End, Paolo Mencaroni finally wins the third place overall and the second in Class 2, sealing this coveted podium with the Italian flag.

Among the international riders who participated in this edition, the Dutch Bob Coerse showed an uncommon fiber on his Husqvarna 701 End, fourth overall and third in Class 2, the German Jens Behling winner of Class 1 and sixth overall with his BMW R 100 GS HPN and the Dutch Jan Van der Schuur, who with his Yamaha T700 who conquered the fourth position in Class 2 and the seventh place overall.

An all-Italian podium, but also all Bridgestone: all the winning drivers, in fact, also took part in the Bridgestone Challenge, reserved for those riders who mounted the tires of the Japanese manufacturer sponsoring the event.

From the demanding Sardinian terrain, to the cool temperatures of the Aspromonte, passing from the slopes of the erupting Etna, to the gold-colored fields of the Marche and observing the history that only Italy can offer with its wonders, this Gibraltar Race 2021 that has climbed the boot will not be easily forgotten.