Ghisallo, Pian del Tivano and Triangolo Lariano by motorbike

The best of Lake Como for Sunday motorcycle rides near Milan, Como and Lecco.

triangle lariano ghisallo tivano lake como

A classic itinerary for Sunday motorbike rides a few kilometers from Milan, Como, Lecco and Brianza.

The starting points are different but for this reason we will only talk about the most beautiful sections, leaving you the choice of which to do and / or in what order, whether from Como, Lecco or Milan.

Ghisallo Pass

triangle lariano ghisallo tivano sanctuary madonna ghisalloFamous among those who ride and those who go in motorcycle, also because it is located in a wonderful landscape setting. Ghisallo is the hill where the Larian Triangle joins with the Vallassinain Lombardia, Between the two southern branches of Lake Como, just south of Bellagio. Its climax is at 750 meters above sea level to the church of the Madonna del Ghisallo, protector of cyclists, but who surely loves us too with two wheels and an engine. A church that is also a museum, home and memory of cycling, is definitely worth a short visit. It starts from Canzo, heading north between gentle curves and a nice difference in height that will surely make you have fun in those 20km that separate you from Bellagio. Ph By Massimo C. - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Pian del Tivano

For those wishing to do more kilometers beyond the Ghisallo Pass, or simply change the route, they can opt for Pian del Tivano, where a beautiful, less traveled road connects the road that leads to Ghisallo with the western branch of Lake Como up to Link. Starting from Canzo, shortly after the town of Ace, turn left to immerse yourself in a beautiful forest and many curves that will make you really have fun up toSormano Astronomical Observatory. From here begins the descent, during which we tried the Sole bar restaurant, where we really warmed up from the first autumn colds with excellent dishes based on cold cuts, home-made first courses, polenta and excellent meats, with a nice car park "overlooking the motorbike". The tour ends with the descent towards Nesso, truly suggestive as soon as Lake Como is seen from above.

Lakefront of the Larian Triangle

triangle lariano ghisallo tivano lake comoThat is the road that runs along the peninsula that creeps between the two branches of Lake Como, and connects Lecco to Como. As always, we recommend traveling westwards, that is from Lecco to Como, in order to have “the water” and the view on your right side and to be able to stop often for some wonderful photos, always paying attention to the traffic and the non-flawless road surface. TO Bellagio, fixed destination for a pleasant break on the lake, watch out for the fines because the local police do not forgive! We recommend that you pull a few more kilometers if you are hungry, precisely a Lezzeno, where is it "Fish tourism by Abate fish a palate ”you can try excellent local dishes based on lake fish, if and only if it was caught! So always call in advance to book and find out if it's open. PH travelspot, pixabay Free for commercial use Attribution not required.

Photo cover By Cassinam - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0