Garmin Zumo XT

Garmin Zūmo XT the satellite navigator for motorcycles, with road and topographic maps, roads with more curves or slopes, alert and safety systems.

GARMIN Zumo XT motorcycle gps navigator

Here is the Zūmo XT, the satellite navigator with specific functions for the motorcycle world, including the “Adventurous Routing”, which allow you to live your adventures by selecting the roads with the most curves or slopes.

In addition to the classic road map coverage, zūmo XT is offered with the new TopoActive map Europe preloaded, for a journey, this time, truly without borders. A top priority for the zūmo XT is safety: real-time alerts for approaching tight bends, notifications in the event of an accident and compatibility with inReach satellite communication systems, to send and receive messages, share your position and, if necessary, call for help wherever you are in the world.

The motorcycling season is almost upon us and Garmin welcomes it by presenting its latest novelty for two-wheel enthusiasts. The devices are robust and reliable, increasingly user friendly and intuitive, with high screen readability, without forgetting the possibility of use in environments other than the classic asphalt road.

GARMIN Zumo XT motorcycle gps navigator
GARMIN Zumo XT on the road

From here, to guarantee its users an increasingly innovative driving experience, the new is born Garmin zūmo XT, the touchscreen navigator with a 5,5-inch ultra-bright display with HD resolution, which makes it clear and perfectly legible, as well as easy to use even when wearing the gloves.

As with his predecessors, also the newest member of the family zūmo it has been designed according to rigorous and high standards of robustness, to withstand any weather conditions, stress or fall. In addition, to better assist the user, the new zūmo XT keeps track of all the periodic maintenance that the motorcycle: in this way it will be easy to remember to change the filters, to periodically check the tires and much more.

1The thrill of a guide without borders

GARMIN Zumo XT motorcycle gps navigator
GARMIN Zumo XT off-road

The new Garmin zūmo XT boasts an innovative range of features specifically designed for riding pleasure. Users, thanks to the new Garmin Adventurous Routing ™ options, will be able to discover all the charm of scenic roads and the richest of curves or slopes, and more. For the more adventurous, using the preloaded TopoActive Europe map, just press a button to change the mode of your zūmo XT, switching from street view to topographic view or to BirdsEye satellite images (downloadable for free) depending on the track you are facing. Thanks to the Round Trip function, you can pleasantly organize your outings: by indicating to the navigator, for example, the number of hours at your disposal, this will calculate a itinerario circular of the indicated duration. The exclusive TracBack® function is also available, allowing you to retrace the route you have just taken.

2Road safety

GARMIN Zumo XT motorcycle gps navigator
GARMIN Zumo XT Safety Alerts

Like all its predecessors, the zūmo XT also pays great attention to safety. The device is able to warn the pilot of approaching tight corners, schools and level crossings or speed cameras. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the zūmo XT is able to notify family members or other contacts previously saved on the device, automatically sending them an SMS with the last known location. It also includes a Bluetooth hands-free module, which allows you to make and receive calls while driving, search for points of interest and, while navigating, receive turn-by-turn directions. During particularly long journeys, a dedicated notice suggests to the user when it is time to take a break, indicating at the same time the possible rest areas nearby.

GARMIN Zumo XT motorcycle gps navigator
GARMIN Zumo XT Connect with inReach

If associated with one of the Garmin satellite communicators of the inReach series, zūmo XT will give you the certainty of always being traceable, wherever in the world you decide to go. Through the connection with inReach it will in fact be possible to stay in contact with loved ones, providing them with an indication of their movements in real time and, in case of emergency, activate the distress call through the Iridium global network and the GEOS international station, active 24 hours a day.

3Connectivity and sharing

Through the Garmin Explore app, a tool for cloud storage of all their data, riders can easily create new content, organize it in "collections" based on the activity they want to practice, and have them at hand wherever they are. moment, to sync them with the zūmo XT. The advantage of Garmin Explore is a memory space that is always ready for use. Garmin Drive, on the other hand, is an easy-to-use application that allows the zūmo XT to connect wirelessly with your smartphone to have access to many features, such as real-time traffic, weather conditions, social notifications and much more. still. Thanks to Garmin Drive, users can also grab their favorite content and immediately share it with friends.
The new Garmin zūmo XT also features Wi-Fi® connectivity, so you can download all the necessary updates without having to connect to your computer.

The new zūmo XT comes with all accessories for quick installation on the motorcycle, including wiring for power supply from the on-board system. As an alternative to the latter, it is possible to rely on the battery which, in the new model, guarantees up to 6 hours of autonomy (even up to 3,5 hours with the backlight set to 100%).

The new Garmin zūmo XT is available in the best specialized stores starting from the end of March 2020 at a suggested retail price of 499,99 euros. For information visit