Garmin Montana 700 series

The new GPS of the Garmin Montana series have arrived: 750i, 700i and 700. Not only outdoor and trekking, the new Montana will be ideal companions for off-road adventures on motorcycles, quads and much more.

New Garmin Montana 750i 700i 700 GPS
montana 700i

Garmin presents the new Montana 700 series GPS navigators designed for the outdoors, from motorcycle adventures to mountain biking and trekking.

Not only outdoors and hiking, thanks to the various mounting options with dedicated brackets, the Montana series is also the ideal companion for use on off-road vehicles, quads, boats, cars, motorcycles and campers. Robust, waterproof and with a simple and intuitive user interface, they allow immediate use right out of the box, to immediately start the adventure.

The devices feature a large 5-inch cap-touch TFT display, also usable with gloves, 50% larger than previous models. Bright, clear and perfectly legible even in direct sunlight, it allows you to consult the data and indications given by the instruments right from the first glance.

1Quad Helix antenna and barometric altimeter

New Garmin Montana 750i 700i 700 GPS
New Garmin Montana 750i 700i 700 GPS

Montana 750, Montana 700i and Montana 700 are equipped with Quad-Helix antenna and allow you to dock simultaneously to GPS and Galileo satellite systems. The compass electronics 3-axis it offers correct orientation even when stationary or even in a vertical position, a very useful feature for those who practice mountaineering, for example. L'barometric altimeter it allows a more precise calculation of the altitude and uses the pressure data to determine any variations in weather conditions. The innovative Track Manager function improves the user experience in using the device, to always view your position and conveniently control the recording of tracks.

Thanks to cartography topographic TopoActive Europe and City Navigator with preloaded turn-by-turn navigation (the latter present only on Montana 700i and Montana 750i models), confirm their 360-degree functionality, both on-road and off-road. They are also compatible with the highly detailed TrekMap Italy v6 PRO complete with footpaths and cycle paths and with Bluechart g3 nautical charts, both sold separately. Finally, the new Montana allow free and unlimited access to BirdsEye satellite images and the ability to load raster maps that can be packaged into the device through the Garmin CustomMaps service.

2Security assured with inReach

A great innovation regarding the safety during any outdoor activity it concerns the Montana 700i and Montana 750i models which also integrate the innovative two-way satellite technology inReach. The latter, using the global coverage of the Iridium® satellite network, allows you to stay in contact at all times, especially where there is no telephone coverage, with family and friends by sending and receiving text messages and e-mails, compiled via a practical QWERTY keyboard, and to update them on their position. The most important function, however, is the possibility, in the event of an emergency, to send a geolocated SOS to the GEOS® international emergency center, indicating one's position and the situation of danger, interacting in one's own language with the rescuers, to always be updated on the their arrival or to receive useful instructions or further information.

To access and communicate through the Iridium® satellite network, a subscription is required, which is in addition to the cost of the instrument. Based on need and frequency of use, users can choose between an annual subscription, starting at € 14,99 per month or a more flexible one, starting at € 19,99 per month, which allows suspension the service, and therefore the billing, in the months in which it is not needed.

3Save any place with one click

New Garmin Montana 750i 700i 700 GPS
New Garmin Montana 750i 700i 700 GPS

The only model montana 750i will allow explorers 2.0 to save and preserve the emotions of each of their adventures over time. Thanks to integrated 8 megapixel camera, it allows you to take pictures, even in motion. The photographs will then be saved on a microSD ™ (sold separately) with geo-referenced reference of the position in which they were taken, thus allowing to reach the precise place also at a later time or to superimpose them on a map on the computer using BaseCamp ™.

4 Connection and duration

Each device in the new Montana series offers Wi-Fi connectivity®, ANT + technology® and Bluetooth wireless technology that allow users to pair with the Garmin Explore app to plan trips, synchronize waypoints, tracks or routes, create collections and also to update your device wirelessly. With models equipped with inReach technology, friends and family can use the MapShare ™ travel sharing page to follow the adventures of loved ones from home and view their progress, GPS location and exchange messages while traveling.

The models of the new Montana series are equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries capable of providing an autonomy of up to 18 hours in GPS mode. Through the exclusive Expedition mode it is possible to extend the battery life up to 2 weeks: once activated, despite the screen turning off, the device continues to collect, albeit in a reduced number, the GPS track points, allowing a longer experience of navigation.

The models of the new series Garmin Montana 700 are available in the best points of sale starting from summer 2020 at a suggested retail price from 599,99 euros to 799,99 euros, to which is added for the Montana 700i and Montana 750i models a possible subscription to the Iridium® network.

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