Garmin in Reach Mini

Garmin inReach Mini is the new safety device to communicate anywhere in the world, request assistance or rescue in case of emergency.

Garmin in Reach Mini
Garmin in Reach Mini

Garmin inReach Mini is the new bidirectional satellite communicator designed to experience outdoor activities on the bike in total safety, whatever your adventure.

Compact, enough to fit in the palm of your hand, light, weighing only 120 grams, but highly technological. Via Iridium global satellite coverage®By subscribing to a dedicated subscription, inReach Mini allows you to have two-way communication from anywhere in the world, whether in the middle of the desert or on the top of a mountain. In addition to sending and receiving text messages and e-mails, the new inReach Mini has an SOS function active 24/7 directly linked to the GEOS international emergency coordination center®, thus guaranteeing assistance and immediate assistance in case of need, wherever you are.

1Compact security

Garmin inReach Mini and Zumo XT
Garmin inReach Mini and Zumo XT

Weighing 120 grams, the new Garmin inReach Mini makes compactness one of its main features, a quality that makes it ideal for being applied to a backpack, carried in a pocket or stored safely on a boat or plane. Designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, it is shock resistant and waterproof (IPX7). It integrates a rechargeable lithium battery that guarantees ample autonomy: from 50 hours with route tracking sent every 10 minutes, up to a year in stand-by mode.
Two-way communication

By relying on the Iridium® satellite network which guarantees 100% coverage of the earth's surface, inReach Mini can send and receive text messages to / from any mobile number and / or email account electronics, and of course to / from another inReach device. In this way, when your smartphone has no network coverage, you can easily communicate with fellow adventurers, friends and family.

It can also be associated with the new satellite navigator zūmo XT: through the connection with inReach it will in fact be possible to stay in contact with loved ones, providing them with an indication of their movements in real time and, in case of emergency, activate the request for help.

To access and communicate through the Iridium® satellite network, a subscription is required, which is in addition to the cost of the instrument. Based on need and frequency of use, users can choose between an annual subscription or a more flexible one, which allows them to use the service only when they actually need it.

224/7 security anywhere in the world

inReach Mini allows you to promptly communicate situations of danger or difficulty at any time and in any place you are, receiving immediate assistance. A really important tool for outdoor activities that allows you to live your adventures with the security of always being in contact with anyone you want. The new Garmin inReach Mini, in fact, is able to send a geolocated SOS signal that is received and processed by the GEOS® emergency center, which is active globally 24 hours a day. Once the SOS message has been received, inReach users can interact with an operator (who will identify the position from which the message arrives), communicate the type of emergency, the seriousness of the problem and immediately receive instructions on how to manage the situation while waiting for help to arrive. You can also set up a contact list so that they can be notified when an SOS request is sent from the device. The display, perfectly legible even in direct sunlight and the intuitive user interface, make communication via inReach Mini fast and convenient.

By downloading the Earthmate® app on your smartphone or tablet, inReach Mini, via Bluetooth, can be paired with compatible devices for convenient access to maps and aerial images and for even more information about the environment you are passing through. Additionally, to make sure you reach each predetermined waypoint and follow a specific route, each inReach Mini device allows users to access the cloud-powered Explore platform which offers the ability to create routes and compose preset messages or quick texts to send to their own. contacts. Finally, there are three options for requesting weather forecasts of your position or points along your route, whether on land or at sea.

The new Garmin inReach Mini is available at a recommended retail price of 349,99 euros. For information visit


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