Garmin Beat Yesterday: Nicolò Pancini and Alessandro Botturi

Garmin Beat Yesterday: interview with the winners of the award dedicated to motorbike travelers Nicolò and Gianni Pancini and their Ambassador, Alessandro Botturi.

Garmin Beat Yesterday rewards the most daring and ambitious heroes: ordinary people. Let's discover the team of Nicolò Pancini and Alessandro Botturi.

Today we have been in the company of many champions of sport and life, thanks to Garmin who, unlike in previous years, has decided to reward ordinary people who have decided to embark on real challenges and adventures.

Nicolò Pancini, together with his father Gianni, plans to tour the Mediterranean in motorcycle with the technical support of Garmin and the advice of Alessandro Botturi.

Once again Garmin proves to be a leader, not only in navigation technologies, but also in activities to support life and adventure. As he rightly pointed out Stefano Vigano, managing director by Garmin Italy, the sports world has partially frozen due to the problems related to covid19, but the lives of every person and every family have gone on, as have their dreams. For this reason it was a special year to involve "normal" people, non-professionals, everyday athletes, selecting, not without difficulty, six of the more than 250 projects that were presented for the competition. And another great athlete and journalist, Daniele Piervincenzi, face of Award, he did not hide his emotion in speaking of these "new heroes" who, to the challenges of daily life, have added their personal ones, linked to their passions. In addition to already being mothers, fathers, students, workers, the winners of the Garmin Beat Yesterday, in fact, they have the courage and determination to add further goals to their lives, to make a dream come true, to challenge themselves, to build a different future.

Today, in Milan, at the ME Milan Il Duca hotel, we had the pleasure of interviewing two of these ambitious travelers and their Ambassador who will best advise them to make this a memorable adventure for them.

Garmin Beat Yesterday 2020: Nicolò Pancini
Garmin Beat Yesterday 2020: Nicolò Pancini

Nicolò, 29, and his father Gianni have always been motorcyclists and owners of two splendid ones BMW R 80 GS with many km on its back and zero technology, perfect for deserts and countries where the only form of electronics known is perhaps only that of mobile phones. Garmin will equip the motorcycles with the best navigation devices to allow Nicolò and Gianni to always find the most exciting route for their adventure. They have already grinded many kilometers on the blocks but without yet touching the sands of the North Africa, and the desire to cross the Pillars of Hercules in motion illuminates their gaze.

Garmin Beat Yesterday 2020: Alessandro Botturi
Garmin Beat Yesterday 2020: Alessandro Botturi

Alessandro Botturi, rally driver, winner of two Africa Eco Races and passionate motorcycle traveler (also victim of the Sickness of Africa) will share in the coming months with Nicolò his knowledge acquired in those thousands of km raced at insane speed in the deserts and in those in which he was able to savor the essence of travel and discovering the world by motorbike.

Perhaps the only real great advice that Alessandro gives and that we all share is to travel with the motorbike, with the mind and with the spirit, entering without prejudice into the lives of the people you meet, into the flavors of the foods offered, into the history of the cradle of civilization and the scents of hospitality that only the Mediterranean can offer.

Garmin Beat Yesterday 2020: Nicolò and Gianni Pancini
Garmin Beat Yesterday 2020: Nicolò and Gianni Pancini

Unfortunately, the health and political situation will not allow Nicolò and Gianni to complete the tour in one fell swoop, even if we hope that the peoples of the Mediterranean will one day return to live in peace and health. But keeping our feet on the ground, we are sure that their adventure, whether short or long, whole or in installments, will still be as unique as the bond between father and son that we have admired today in the form of passion for motorcycles and for The travels.

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The other projects awarded by Garmin and the Ambassadors were:

Samuele, on foot and in the saddle from Florence to Pejo with Garmin and the advice of Claudio Chiappucci

Samuele, thirty-nine, passionate about trail running and finisher of competitions such as Tor De Geants and LUT. In memory of his parents, he wants to leave from and reach Pejo traveling alone the path alternating walking and cycling. To reach his Beat Yesterday, he will rely on all the know-how of Garmin and its Ambassadors, including former professional cyclist Claudio Chiappucci.

Paolo, break the record of the hour of para-cycling with Garmin and the advice of Davide Cassani

Paolo is 50 years old and, after a serious motorcycle accident, he discovered the most effective medicine in sport and cycling. His Beat Yesterday is truly ambitious: to set the world track record in the Mc4 category of para-cycling. To reach his Beat Yesterday, he will rely on all the know-how of Garmin and its Ambassadors, including the CT of the Italian national team. cycling Davide Cassani.

Erica, from Biella to Assisi by bicycle with Garmin and advice from Stefano Baldini

Erica's is a Beat Yesterday that wants to show that nothing is impossible and that there is always time to take back the reins of one's life. A marathon run in exactly eight hours was his "re-start" and he is now aiming to pedal from Biella in Assisi. At the moment, one fundamental thing is missing, a suitable bicycle, but he knows he will achieve his goal. To achieve his Beat Yesterday, he will rely on all the know-how of Garmin and its Ambassadors, including Olympic champion Stefano Baldini.

Alessio, from the sea to the mountains, between swimming, biking and climbing with Garmin and the advice of Simone Moro

Passionate about sports, his Beat Yesterday project links his being an asthmatic to the possibility of challenging the depths of the sea and high altitudes in a unique way. He is preparing to be able to reach the summit of Gran Paradiso and arrive in Cogne starting from Genoa Voltri, between swimming, cycling and mountaineering. To achieve his Beat Yesterday, he will rely on all the know-how of Garmin and its Ambassadors, including mountaineer Simone Moro.

Nicola and his wife, a hybrid boat to discover the beauties of their land with Garmin and Giovanni Soldini's advice

Nicola and his wife in 2016 change their lives and buy a boat that they restore and transform into a location for a cooking experience on the sea of ​​the Cinque Terre. Their goal now is to make it 100% hybrid. To reach their Beat Yesterday, they will rely on all the know-how of Garmin and its Ambassadors, including the sailor Giovanni Soldini.