From Riva del Garda to the Strada della Forra

An itinerary in Trentino that makes your tires "bleed".

Lake Ledro - Trentino by motorbike
Lake Ledro - Trentino by motorbike - Photo by susanne906

Our Trentino motorcycle itinerary starts from Riva del Garda, towards Val di Gresta, and then ends with the beautiful Strada della Forra.

We tried a wrist-breaking itinerary, the kind that takes away "the centimeter of shame" from the tread and then leads you to enjoy the spectacle that is the Strada della Forra.

Length 195 km
connection Chiavenna - Tirano
duration About 5 hours
Number of hairpin bends about 100
Winter closure See closure of Passo Bordala
Road conditions and notes Good - Watch out for cyclists

Content index

  1. Bordala Pass
  2. Valley of the Lakes
  3. Valley of the Churches
  4. Strada della Forra
  5. Tips, map and information

100 hairpin bends are no joke, but as for many the North Cape is the goal of life, even the Trentino by motorbike offers countless emotions and enchanting landscapes, from the mountains to lakes.

Bordala Pass

We know that high peaks are not waiting for us, but a series of curves that immediately give us a lot to do. Let's start from bow, direction Gresta Valley, the famous organic district of Trentino. From here we face The Bordala Pass Alpine pass that leads us into the woods of Vallagarina.

Valley of the Lakes

Parking is compulsory at the Lake of Cei, characterized by a rich vegetation of beech and fir trees, just reward for the first efforts. We continue the tour in the direction Garniga Terme to then arrive in Valley of the Lakes, where you can choose whether to stop at the Lagolo Lake or Santa Massenza Lake. Sarche we allowed ourselves a little detour into the romantic Lake of Toblino with its magnificent castle.

Valley of the Churches

the tour continues in its asphalt tongue between the mountains, passing the towns of Comano Terme, Stenico (the castle is worth mentioning) e Agement of Trento, where we enter the green and picturesque Valley of the Chiese up to Storo, a town famous for its polenta. (another recommended stop)

Lake Garda

The last stretch takes us from Tiarno and the Ledro Valley, skirting the clear and turquoise waters of the Ledro lake, Lake Garda for a well-deserved bath if it's crazy hot.

Useful Tips

If to go home you want to discover or simply redo it Most beautiful street in the worldAccording to Churchill, you can't help but fall in love with the Strada della Forra.

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