Franco and Andrea return on a journey between adventures and autism

Franco and Andrea Antonello are back in the saddle! The first carries motorcycles, luggage and child, the second autism.

franco andrea children of the fairies bmw motorrad gs travel europe autism
Franco and Andrea in Albania

Franco and Andrea, the autistic son, set off again on their motorcycle trip to Europe in support of inclusion.

BMW Motorrad Italia once again embraces the theme of social inclusion and does so by supporting the project of "I Bambini delle Fate", the Social Enterprise founded by Franco Antonello that deals with giving support to autistic children and their families, 'sign of the motto “Make Life An Inclusive Ride” paraphrasing the communication claim of the Motorrad division.

As always Franco carries the luggage and Andrea autism. Also in this new adventure we will talk about de Fairy Children, to involve many new people in support of children and young people with disabilities.

To experience the emotions of this journey you can follow them on their social channels of Facebook e Instagram, or through the de Fairy Children.

At each stage, a passer-by will be interviewed with a short and simple script:
“Do you know what autism is?
Do you know a guy with autism near you?
Would you be willing to spend with him / her two hours a week, or one day a month, to give your company and your friendship?
Every time you choose, for someone, something changes.
… AND SO WHY NOT ??? "

franco andrea children of the fairies bmw motorrad gs travel europe autism
The team of I Bambini delle Fate

Franco Antonello with his inseparable son Andrea sitting on the passenger seat and a small support staff, will face a journey that will see them leave from Castelfranco Veneto towards Europe, with the aim of reaching as many European states as possible.

They left on June 15, without detailed planning, with the aim of "getting lost" on the European roads until September, thus looking for those emotions related to the adventure of traveling in motorcycle, which becomes an indispensable symbiosis and source of communication between Franco and his autistic son Andrea.

franco andrea children of the fairies bmw motorrad gs travel europe autism
The delivery of the BMW R 1250 GS

The goal of this trip is to make known the critical issues and the importance of friendship for an autistic boy. An important message of social inclusion that also BMW Motorrad wants to help spread.

This journey that will embrace Europe in a itinerario which will be defined from time to time, stage by stage, also takes on the meaning of a wish for positivity after the long months of isolation and constraints imposed by the pandemic.

Father and son will face the adventure riding one BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Triple Black and will be joined by their travel companions on one R 1250 GS Edition 40 Years GS.

For more information on the activities in support of I Fairy children, visit their website:

VIAClaudia Pirotti
SOURCEPh. Courtesy BMW Motorrad Italia - Facebook "Franco e Andrea".