Black Forest: the magnificent Schwarzwaldhochstrasse road

Motorbike trip through the Black Forest in Germany: between forests and perfect road surface we discover the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse road.

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Journey to Germany to discover the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse: by motorbike on the most beautiful road in the Black Forest.

On the border between Switzerland and France we find the mountainous area called the Black Forest, in Germany, one of the favorite destinations for motorcyclists and tourists in general. The best way to discover it is definitely the "Schwarzwaldhochstrasse", or Route B500.

Length 60 Km
connection Freudenstadt / Baden-Baden
What to see in the surroundings Mummelsee lake
Typical dishes of the area Maultaschen (ravioli with filling),
spaetzle (small irregular cut pasta),
Schwaebischer Rostbraten (Swabian roast)
Road conditions and notes Very good condition

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This road, through a succession of pine forests, meadows, and mountains, connects Freudenstadt to Baden Baden.

History of the Black Forest road

La Black Forest High Road, translated into Italian as the High Road of the Black Forest, is one of the oldest and most well-known tourist roads in Germany. Opened in 1930 for military purposes, thanks to the panorama it is still a tourist destination. The road is now part of the B500 and touch the little one Mummelsee lake.


A road that deserves more than an hour than it would take, as it should be enjoyed for its heterogeneity.

Starting from Freudenstadt we immediately warm up the tires with a nice fast stretch, with a smooth asphalt that immediately puts us in confidence with the road. Driving is immediately pleasant and we can also fully enjoy the Black Forest that surrounds us, in fact at times we cross dense areas of pine forests, while always staying on a very wide and safe road, which reserves us curves to brush and an unprecedented driving taste.

Near Hornisgrinde we find the highest point of the road, with viewpoints equipped with car parking where you can stop safely and admire the panorama.

The part that goes down to Baden Baden it seems designed for us motorcyclists: tight hairpin bends make the road penetrate deep into the forest, reserving us an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience, which finds the right conclusion in a good mug of beer from local producers.

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