Salame Festival - Cremona from 7 to 9 October

Everything is ready for the Salami Festival, in Cremona from 7 to 9 October. A weekend dedicated to the most loved salami in Italy.

Salame Festival - Cremona from 7 to 9 October
Salame Festival - Cremona from 7 to 9 October

Finally, the Festa del Salame is back for the fourth edition, an event that focuses on Italy's most loved cured meat.

From 7 to 9 October the historic center of Cremona will be invaded by producers from all over Italy for a full calendar of events that includes challenges between farmhouses, award ceremonies and much more.

The event will start with the challenge of Lombard salami, a gastronomic competition of the local farms to taste the best cured meats produced by them. The jury of experts made up of gourmet journalists and led by the journalist Giorgio Cannì will decide the best artisan salami winner of the 2022 edition. Not only taste, the Salami Festival is also a moment of meeting and comparison to learn more about the secrets and facets of salami.

The first appointment will be the assignment of the "Ambassador of Taste" award: recognition that each edition rewards a character from the world of gastronomy who has distinguished himself in his field in promoting and enhancing the excellence of the territory and will release an interview in which he will tell about his relationship with food and some interesting professional anecdotes. This year the prestigious award will be awarded to Edward Raspelli, known television face and famous food critic, author and journalist in the food sector. Will follow "I Salami di Raspelli" an appointment in which the journalist and gastronome Edoardo Raspelli will present three salami producers from different Italian areas who will tell their story for the occasion, with an overview of the characteristics and peculiarities of their products.

The Salami Festival this year will pay homage to Tognazzi with "Bite of Tognazzi" (“Bucon de Tugnaz”): through a dish created for the occasion by chef Achille Mazzini of Mazzini food and wine.

Could not miss the most popular combination of "Bread & Salami", a chat with Vito, famous comedian, conductor, comedian, in love with the products of the great Italian gastronomic culture that will tell about his private life and his conception of the peasant dish par excellence: bread and salami. Still on the subject, it will be possible to taste I Sandwiches with Salame di Reponi, which will be prepared under the eyes of the public by the master of the sandwich Daniele Reponi, a unique appointment with gourmet sandwiches using local ingredients that will marry with the typical salamis, including salami from Varzi, salami felino and Cremona salami IGP.

Taste and fun are intertwined in the three days entirely dedicated to salami for the appointment with Live Comic dedicated to authors and artists from the world of comics from the “Andrea Pazienza” comic center in Cremona. Referring to the master Benito Jacovitti, the designers will create live illustrations and comics that will portray the protagonist of the party: Salame.

I will not miss themed games for the little ones, like the salami shooting, a classic and fun game for families and children in which participants will have the opportunity to measure their dexterity and precision trying to throw rings that will have to reach the base of different types of salami to win a tasty prize .

The event is promoted by Consortium for the Protection of Cremona Salami PGI, a reality of the territory that represents some of the producers of this delicious salami with geographical indication and, for this edition, by Confartigianato Imprese Cremona, which will promote the initiative among its members and boasts the patronage of the Municipality of Cremona and the contribution of the Region Lombardia, organized by Era Tutta Campagna and SGP Grandi Eventi

An appointment then from 7 to 9 October 2022 in Cremona, for a tasty and fun journey to discover the world of salami! For information: