Enduristan Bags and Backpack - Test and Review

Enduristan Tornado 2, Blizzard S and Hurricane 15: the test of the toughest motorcycle and enduro bags in the industry. Passed with flying colors!

enduristan tornado backpack enduro motorcycle bags
Enduristan Return 2 M roll bag

Try the Enduristan bags for yourself: the Tornado 2, the Blizzard panniers and the Hurricane 15 backpack.

In recent months we have equipped the Ktm adventure 950 and Honda CRF250 Rally with the bags provided by Enduristan to tackle rough terrain and off-road events that are sometimes very demanding. Our first experience with the Swiss brand was a great discovery!

From the first use it proved to be a real tank! The baptism of the roller bag Tornado 2 it was during the Rally of Sardinia, where we took water from Cuneo to Monza. Tied tightly with super rubber bands Rokstraps® which provides Enduristan, closed well, it came without even letting the humidity in. After the water it was the turn of mud, dust, falls and the intensive mistreatment he suffered during the Rally and many other outings. Beyond the tightness of the bag, what amazed us the most is the material, which once washed, still seemed almost new (if I think of how many we have thrown and torn after a short while over the years ...).

Le Blizzard side bags are the ones that have taken the most, from stony ground, to mud, to slips on any terrain: we honestly thought we would lose them after a while and have to put the contents in our pockets to go home from Rally of Umbria. Nothing could be more false: the straps and fabric have withstood the hardest blows, the fabric has only some slight signs of wear and obviously the contents have always remained dry and clean. The shape, which satisfies the needs of off-road driving and related motorcycle, although irregular, it allows a good capacity: we, in size S, have crammed a bottle of water, jacket sleeves, inner tubes, pressure gauge, various tools, gloves spare, rain jacket and we had no problem.

enduristan tornado enduro motorcycle bags
Enduristan side bags Blizzard S
enduristan tornado enduro motorcycle backpack bags
Enduristan backpack Hurricane 15

in backpack Hurricane 15 instead, we transport the equipment for movies: professional drone, cameras and related accessories, so you can imagine its value! The backpack does not seem very large, it is narrow and high with a trapezoidal shape that incorporates the dorsal lines of the human back, but with a small game of joints it allows you to insert everything you need in the many pockets. It is not very light, but the weight of all the equipment disappears once it is worn thanks to the innovative harness system, anatomic, ergonomic and well modular. Even with the water bladder inserted in the special pocket (separated from the rest in case of breakage), the backpack remains adherent to the body and does not create any problems when driving off-road! The watertight zips, which can arouse suspicion of tightness, prove the exact opposite and even here the water has not even touched the inside.

To highlight the interior in red color, which allow you to find everything even in low light conditions. The 3-layer fabric provides excellent protection from abrasion, both in the event of a fall and when tying the bags to the bike, thanks to the numerous attachment points on each side.

The prices are not competitive, but as I always say the quality (in this case Switzerland) you pay and at the same time guarantees a duration that the cheapest bags cannot afford: the more you spend, the less you spend as they say. You can find all the products on their website www.enduristan.it